Michael Owen gives his opinion on Mo Salah contract stand-off

Michael Owen says he can’t see Mo Salah leaving Liverpool, because realistically, there’s no where else better for him to go.

The contract stand-off between the club and Salah’s representative Ramy Abbas rumbles on, but former Liverpool striker Owen says he expects a compromise to be reached.

Speaking to The Echo, Owen said: “I would be surprised, I must admit, if Mohamed Salah left. Why wouldn’t he stay? He’ll be getting a great offer.

“Yes, it’s his main contract of his life really. This is when he has been absolutely at the peak of his powers and it’s his last big contract probably. You can understand that everything needs to be right on both sides.

“But when I was in that situation, we were coming third, fourth, fifth, sixth or whatever in the league. There were other teams who could offer you something, like a Real Madrid or a Barcelona, because we weren’t winning the league every year.

“But where would you go now? There is nobody bigger than Man City or Liverpool at the moment.

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“He’s certainly not going to go to anyone in the UK. Barcelona and Real Madrid aren’t currently the force of old. Paris Saint-Germain I can’t imagine, why would you want to go to the French league when you’re playing in the Premier League? The same goes for Germany. There is nowhere else.

“Every player is queuing up to come to Liverpool and Man City at the minute. If you’re there, I don’t know why you’d give it up.

“I certainly can’t see any reason why he won’t say and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t an announcement soon.”

Salah is Liverpool’s ninth leading goalscorer of all-time scoring having netted 152 goals in all competitions, Owen is just ahead of him on 158 and the former Liverpool hitman is conscious that the Egyptian is closing in.

Owen added: “When kids pull me in the streets, none of these youngsters know me anymore. Their dads are saying, ‘He used to play football.’

“It’s the only thing I’ve got on people now, is to say, ‘You know I’ve still scored more goals than Mo Salah?’ and everyone can’t believe it!

“Once he goes past me, I won’t be able to have that anymore!”