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How to buy shares in a football club

Did you know that it is possible to buy shares in a number of prestigious football clubs but that you don’t need to be as rich as Liverpool’s John Henry, Man City’s Sheikh Mansour or former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich!

You can buy shares in a number of football clubs that are publicly listed with only a small investment needed and you can do it all online! You certainly don’t need to be wealthy and you don’t need to be a genius.

As a shareholder, you can monitor the value of your shares in real time when the markets are open and you can sell them on at any time if they’ve increased in value which might net you a tidy profit! You never know, maybe a rich Sheikh will appear and buy the club and your investment will soar. Then again, the club could be relegated and your shares might bomb! You can add more shares to your holding at any time or you can sell the lot, all with a few clicks from your computer.

Personally, I invest in football clubs purely for entertainment and not to get a return on my investment. This is just a hobby for me. I only invest what I can afford and I do so assuming that I may never make any money because that’s not why I invest. I buy shares in football clubs to feel a part of something. It gives me an interest in other leagues. Obviously I want to the clubs I have shares in to succeed because I want my shares to increase in value but that’s certainly not the reason why I get involved.


Free Share Dealing GuideI would recommend this excellent free guide to investing by Hargreaves & Landsdown plc. This is not needed to purchase any shares but there’s no harm in downloading it. It’s completely free.

I have been a client of Hargreaves & Landsdown for a couple of years now. I have singled them out because they were highly recommended to me when I began looking into buying shares a few years back. I can only speak from my own experience of using their services which I have found to be very easy and very well priced. They haven’t approached me to publish this article, they’re just the company that I use. They are a huge company who can be trusted.

You can learn about what clubs you can buy shares in via my Football Club Shares website. You can, of course, also buy your shares online securely too while there! And remember, you should always seek independent financial advice before buying any kind of shares for investment purposes. This article is only for people who are interested in investing for a bit of fun.

Duncan Oldham
KopTalk Editor