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Duncan OldhamKopTalk has been providing independent coverage of Liverpool Football Club for more than 20 years. Prior to the website’s creation in the 1990s, the owner and editor, Duncan Oldham, founded the Usenet group and ran a very popular Liverpool FC news mailing list. Liverpool FC news was emailed to thousands of Liverpool fans all around the world as it broke and eventually, due to its popularity, KopTalk was born from a spare bedroom, as a hobby.

Former Liverpool FC players such as Tommy Smith, Jan Molby, Rob Jones, Ian St John, Peter Thompson and Barry Venison helped Duncan get the site underway with regular columns while other contributors such as former Liverpool FC CEO Rick Parry and players including the likes of Steve McManaman, Jamie Redknapp and Vegard Heggem gave fans some insight via interviews about the club at a time when there wasn’t really any way of accessing such information. The British media didn’t have much of a presence online back then and there was, of course, no social media. Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish, then boss of Celtic, wrote to Duncan to wish him luck with the website while Liverpool FC CEO at the time, Peter Robinson, also offered a few pointers in a couple of phone calls.

The award winning KopTalk website is one of the oldest football websites in the world. KopTalk has established an extensive network of sources associated to the club and in the game in general due to our relationships with various players, agents, directors, journalists, influential individuals and supporters. KopTalk existed before the official Liverpool FC website and even the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Yes, we are that old!

As well as existing and former players being involved with KopTalk over the years, even owners of the club have supported us by joining our optional members’ website which helps fund our existence.

KopTalk began as a hobby and even today, the website is operated in the same manner. Nobody at KopTalk is on a salary/wage and the website is updated every day of the year by passionate Liverpool fans.

Duncan OldhamDuncan Oldham, is a former Liverpool FC shareholder and season-ticket holder of 20 years. Duncan married childhood sweetheart, Maria, at the Anfield stadium in 1999 although sadly, just like Gerard Houllier’s and Roy Evans’ partnership at the same time, they too eventually separated and went their own way 🙁

KopTalk is often approached by the media (BBC, Sky Sports, ITV etc) for interviews and comment relating to matters concerning the club. We’re always happy to help where we can, although we don’t claim to be experts.

We’ve spent hours helping individual supporters, we’ve flown planes over FA Cup finals with messages urging the boys to victory and we’ve even chartered planes for European Cup finals! We’ve helped raise thousands of pounds for various charities and we’re very proud of what we have given back thanks to our loyal and passionate readers and members. KopTalk may just be a website to some, but a lot of time and effort has gone into helping our fans across the globe. We always make ourselves available for anyone who needs some help. YNWA isn’t just a slogan as far as KopTalk is concerned. The editor’s inbox is always open. You can contact Duncan or the team at any time be it for help with the website, the club or if you just want to discuss the latest Liverpool game!

We have hundreds of thousands of followers across our social media channels and millions have visited our website. With the emergence of social media, websites like KopTalk probably aren’t as important as they used to be, but we still consider ourselves worthy of bookmarking!

KopTalk has always operated a no-nonsense approach and has never been afraid to hold controversial views that go against the majority of other Liverpool FC fans’ sites. As such, KopTalk operates as a ‘lone wolf’ and is not part of any clique. Although we have worked with Liverpool Football Club and their partners, we are proud that we remain free of influence and truly are 100% independent. This has, at times, resulted in negative attention as has the fact that Duncan is not from Liverpool, but this comes with the territory.

Everyone is welcome on KopTalk. We welcome supporters of Liverpool be they from the city or from the other side of the world. We also welcome supporters of other clubs to our website and to KopTalk.TV, our free YouTube channel.

Below are a couple of snippets from the media from over the years along with a clip of KopTalk that was featured on ITV’s ‘The Chase’. When you get a mention on The Chase, you know you’ve made it, right?!

Our mission is to keep Liverpool fans updated with the latest news from Anfield. We try to bring fans from all over the world as close to the club as is possible. Instead of clickbaiting people and plastering our website with annoying advertising, we simply promote our optional memberships and subscriptions in the hope that people won’t let us walk alone. Our members’ community is without a doubt, one very special, big Red family. In fact, after posting this ABOUT US page, one of our members, posted the following:

‘As far as “ABOUT US” pages are concerned and I have seen many, this is one of the best.

‘I have been a member since about 2004 and before than I was a member of the free website. I don’t go to any other sites for news about Liverpool.

‘However, what Dunk forgot to mention is that KopTalk is not only there for issues regarding Liverpool but it is also there to help and comfort those members with personal issues. The family of KopTalk members have always been willing to help each other and comfort each other through difficult personal issues. This is what puts it apart from other websites. This is no small part due to the atmosphere and environment created by Dunk.

‘Congratulation Dunk on all those years and here’s for another 20 years.’

It is feedback like that, that makes it all worthwhile.

If you’d like to become a part of a very special Liverpool FC community, you can become a KopTalk Member here. Whether you’re a member or not, we are grateful for your support in visiting our website.


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