Salah refuses to rule out La Liga move and admits it could happen

Ramy Abbas

Liverpool ace Mo Salah has refused to rule out a possible move to Spain.

The 28-year-old Egyptian ace is hopeful of playing for Real Madrid one day but the Coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected the transfer market and a move that looked inevitable to happen at some point, looks less likely at the present time, especially with the Spanish giants being heavily in debt. Accounts in January revealed the club’s debt had risen to €901m (£768.9m), with a net debt of €355m (£302.9m). They need to start about selling before considering moves for the likes of Salah and long-time target Kylian Mbappe.

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Salah is aware of this which is why he’s also flirted with Barcelona, but they too are heavily in debt. The Nou Camp club recorded a loss of €100m (£85.3m) last year and also have to contend with a debt pile of more than €1bn (£853.4m). Knowing he might not get a move to La Liga, Salah has also kept his options open by suggesting he would be happy to extend his stay at Anfield.

However, having granted the Spanish media another interview, Salah was asked by MARCA if he could see himself playing at another club.

“It’s not up to me,” said the Liverpool man. “We’ll see what happens, but I’d rather not talk about this right now.”

Pushed if he could see himself playing in Spain one day, he added: “I hope I can play football for many years. Why not? Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future, so maybe one day I will.”

We’re convinced that Salah is desperate to secure a move to Spain. However, if he can’t secure his dream move, which has always been part of his career plan, we don’t see him pushing to simply move for the sake of doing so. For example, we don’t think he’d be looking for a move to somewhere like PSG or Juventus (ED: Salah’s agent is allegedly claiming interest from Juve to his associates). If he can’t get his dream move then we wouldn’t be surprised to see him ink a new deal with Liverpool, unless, of course, the Reds choose to encourage his exit while able to get top dollar for him.

Salah and his agent, Rabby Abbas Issa (above), know exactly what they are doing. There’s no wrong doing on the player’s part, he’s obviously fully entitled to play out is his career as he chooses, but one thing worth pointing out is that club officials allegedly have little time for Salah’s agent. They are of the opinion that Rabby Abbas is trying to move his client on and that they aren’t being briefed fully about what they’re up to.

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