Raheem Sterling linked with possible Liverpool return

Joe Gomez

Sports finance journalist Alex Miller claims Raheem Sterling returning to Liverpool isn’t now as daft as it may sound after the player recently split from his long-term agent Aidy Ward.

The 26-year-old England international has formed his own agency 16ninetytwo Sports Management Limited which is now overseeing his own career and future contract negotiations.

Sterling has 2-years remaining on his existing contract with Manchester City and talks regarding what they may be willing to offer him are due to commence soon. As a result, it comes as no surprise that he’s suddenly being linked with a possible move to Barcelona and now there’s some chatter that a return to Anfield might be of interest to him.

Miller claims a “well-placed source” has indicated that a “major obstacle” has been removed which could allow Sterling to make the switch to Liverpool if Reds’ boss Jürgen Klopp was interested and the numbers added up.

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Back in March, Sterling was asked during a Q&A if he would ever consider a return to Liverpool.

“Would I ever go back to Liverpool? To be honest with you I love Liverpool,” was his response. “Don’t get it twisted, they are always in my heart.

“It’s a team that has done a lot for me growing up so …”

Whether or not the Anfield faithful would want him back is another matter and besides, there’s nothing to suggest that the boss would even consider a move for him, should the player become available in the future.

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