Merson: Liverpool have no chance!

Paul Merson

Paul Merson has suggested that Liverpool may as well stay at home and not travel to Southampton for this evening’s Premier League fixture because the Reds have absolutely no chance of winning the title no matter what they do.

While City obviously have a strong advantage over us as the Premier League title race draws to a conclusion, Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard could ruin the party if his side can turn them over at The Etihad on Sunday: unlikely, but not impossible.

Writing for Sky Sports, former Gunner Merson said: “Liverpool could win 55-0 against Southampton on Tuesday night, it wouldn’t make a difference. They have no chance of winning the Premier League title now. Manchester City’s result at West Ham was a massive point, now they have to beat Aston Villa at home on the last day of the season – and you would take that a million times out of a million. All you have to ask for at the end of the title race is for it to be in your hands and you’re at home.

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“If Man City had lost that game, I could have seen Liverpool putting a lorry load past Southampton. It would have been a five-goal swing had West Ham beaten Man City 2-0 – and Southampton can let in goals for fun. It could have been four then and you would have had a shootout at the end of the season. But that point was huge in the end, absolutely huge. For me, Manchester City win the Premier League.”

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