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Liverpool planning Kylian Mbappé move

Kylian Mbappe

Reports originating from France claim that Liverpool are planning a move for Kylian Mbappé next summer.

Speculation has rumbled on for some time to suggest that the Reds are interested in signing the France international who turns 22 in December and we have always dismissed it as utter nonsense. However, the latest suggestions are actually starting to sound a little believable.

Mbappé has 2 years remaining on his Paris Saint-Germain contract and although the French giants want him to extend his deal, as yet, there has been no progress on that front.

The player’s valuation is, of course, an issue but the transfer market has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and that could significantly push down the player’s asking price, especially if he continues to run his contract down. We have always maintained that the Reds could afford the valuations we have seen mooted in relation to him but that it was his personal terms that would prove problematic in terms of rocking the boat at Anfield.

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Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp has always rubbished claims that we could make a move for Mbappé due to financial reasons. However, he did attempt to sign him in 2017 when the player was at Monaco, but obviously a deal back then would have been more realistic and achievable. Since then, Klopp, like every manager in the game, has followed his progress closely.

What is of interest to us is that Mbappé, who is a Nike ambassador, continually bigs up Liverpool and Klopp. If he continues to run down his contract, as daft as this may sound, we can see Liverpool being involved. Until now, we would have rubbished the suggestion.

The latest claims suggest that Klopp is in regular contact with the Mbappé’s father, Wilfried, and well-placed sources at Anfield have indicated that there’s some truth to this.

Real Madrid are the obvious favourites to land Mbappé so we need to keep an eye on what they do. Liverpool have an outside chance of making something happen and while we currently wouldn’t suggest for one moment that we will definitely make a bid for Mbappé, we are not dismissing the latest claims like we usually would.

Liverpool will almost certainly make changes to the front three next summer and Anfield transfer supremo Michael Edwards will already be weighing up the club’s options.

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