Liverpool FC Transfer News: Philippe Coutinho – LATEST

Philippe Coutinho

Following months of speculation that Philippe Coutinho could jump ship in the summer, the Brazilian has surfaced to say that he thinks Liverpool is “a fantastic club” which he thinks is close to achieving “greatness”.

Positive stuff from the 24-year-old Brazilian who even adds that he believes the club is full of ambition despite failing to secure any silverware for years.

His words will certainly be welcomed by many supporters although we’re sure there’ll be a few who still fear that Barcelona may come knocking in the near future.

Coutinho said: “Liverpool is a fantastic club. I was received really well by everybody when I first arrived here. It’s got fantastic staff and fans and it has a huge level of ambition which is really exciting to see.

“I really think we’re returning to a period where we can achieve greatness and win titles. That’s the reason why I was attracted to stay here at Liverpool.

“Getting into the Champions League is very important for the club and obviously it’s our aim. All the games are like finals now if we are going to achieve it.

“There are still a lot of points available to us and we need to win as many as we can.”

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So what about his immediate future? Well, Liverpool don’t want to sell and as much as we have little faith in Fenway Sports Group (FSG), we don’t believe for one minute that they are planning on cashing in on him. Even we’re not that paranoid, but that doesn’t mean that they would block his exit as that would be virtually impossible.

Barcelona do have an interest in him and well-placed sources claim that the player would push for a move to the Nou Camp if the opportunity presents itself. However, Barca don’t *currently* look that arsed and based on current feedback, the suggestion that they will break the bank for him doesn’t sound likely at this time. Despite this, we would definitely not rule it out from happening at some point. He might have to step his game up a bit first though.

Our hunch is that if any solid interest comes in from Spain, that it will come from Real Madrid first. They’re discreetly monitoring the situation. Of course, a move there would prevent Coutinho and Neymar from extending their bromance.

At the present time, we feel there’s more chance of him staying at Anfield than leaving. However, we’re not naive and it won’t take much for us to change that opinion. A week is a long time in football and we have many months to go until the summer transfer window slams shut.

If Barcelona are going to land Coutinho, the player’s agent is going to have to work much harder to convince them that a deal makes sense and we believe that’s what he’s currently trying to do.

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