Klopp responds to Jude Bellingham speculation

Jude Bellingham

Jürgen Klopp today made it clear that he has no intention of making a move for Jude Bellingham this summer. While the Twitter tw*ts continue to peddle their ridiculous claims, we have maintained the stance that Bellingham remains a target, but for next year, not this and that any move would obviously depend on the player’s valuation decreasing somewhat.

If anything, we believe that the Bellingham chatter contributed to Mo Salah commiting his future to the club with his agent Ramy Abbas eventually bottling it after no other club stepped up with a serious offer for his client this summer.

Commenting on the Bellingham speculation, the Liverpool manager said: “He’s not on the market, so that’s the first problem with that player. Well, the only problem with that player!

“If the situation stays like it is, then tell me why [we would look to sign a midfield player]?

“I don’t understand. I do not understand. People told me about this discussion, but the last thing that would have crossed my mind is that we have to do this.

“I know all these things, that we ‘don’t score enough goals from midfield’, this and that, but what do we want? This ‘Golden Cow’ that is producing absolutely everything, milk as well!

“We can go through it. Where do you want to start?

“So, Fabinho, Henderson, Thiago, Milner, Keita, Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliott, Fabio Carvalho, Oxlade-Chamberlain. Now you tell me what kind of player are we missing? One who is offensive, 1.95m and arrives into the box to head balls in? OK, apart from that!

“We have three players in the squad who can easily play as a No.6 – Fabinho, of course, but Hendo and Milly played it fine.

“Creativity? If we bring in a player just for that, we immediately make it more difficult for Harvey, Curtis and Fabio.

“They can all play different positions as well of course, Curtis can play a line higher and Harvey and Fabio can play there too. Fine. We can play a different system as well, where we might only need two midfielders, but then all these guys can play as a No.10 in the new system.

“So where is the need for a midfielder? I wait for the day when somebody comes to me and tells me why, exactly.”

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Speaking further about the players already at his disposal, the boss said: “We should not forget that last season, in the first four games, Harvey Elliott was the best player. He was outstanding.

“Then he had a bad injury, came back, [he was] high, low. Normal for a young player, and normal after a long injury. He looks sharp now, he’s back, and like everybody he needs luck.

“Curtis Jones — what a player he is as well. Oxlade, he played the first part of the season quite a lot, and in January played different positions. Yes, he didn’t play a lot after that but [remember] how good he was.

“Fabio, you look at him and what he did at Fulham. Why should we bring a boy in and tell him he is midfielder number nine. It makes no sense. You have to leave the doors open for the boys. I really don’t understand the discussion.

“We always try to improve, and we can improve internally as well. They can put pressure on the more experienced guys, for sure.

“By the way, Tyler Morton in training, incredible! He plays as a No 8 now, we don’t force him to play as a controlling No 6 in a Premier League game [like against Spurs]. He’s training as an 8, and it’s like ‘wow, how good is that?!’ He’s still here.

“There’s really a lot of excitement for this situation from our side, and like I say, if you want guarantees then you have to look somewhere else. We work a lot with expectations, and our starting point most of the time is very, very positive.”

Bellingham remains interested in a possible move to Anfield, but not this summer and anyone that tells you differently, is more than likely deliberately misleading you.