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Djibril Cisse makes retirement u-turn

Djibril Cisse

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse is planning on coming out of retirement less than six months after hanging up his boots.

Back in October the 34-year-old made an emotional announcement that he was having to quit playing professional football due to a hip injury. However, he now says rumours of a return are true and he’s apparently trying to find himself a new club.

Speaking in an interview with BeIN Sports, Cisse said: “If I want to make it back onto the pitch? That is not a rumour, I have never hidden that desire.

“I had to stop because of a hip problem, I never stopped because I no longer had the desire to play or because I was bored of football, I stopped because of medical reasons.

“Today, those reasons no longer exist, I have received the green light from the surgeon. After my operation, things went very well, after one week I started running again.”

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