Agent responds to Klopp exit chatter

Jürgen Klopp

The agent that represents Jürgen Klopp says the Liverpool manager has no intention of leaving Anfield despite enduring a difficult season so far.

There have been ridiculous suggestions that the club’s owners Fenway Sports Group could pull the trigger if the team’s dip in form continues while there has also been some more believable chatter that claims Klopp could leave the club at the end of the season if he doesn’t receive greater backing from John Henry & Co.

Klopp’s representative, Marc Kosicke, said: “I can assure [you] that Jürgen Klopp has no intention of resigning from Liverpool FC.

“The fact that problems could arise this season due to the past intensive season was taken into account by the club’s owners before the start of the season.

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“Jürgen enjoys the backing of the people in charge and is in regular contact with them. He loves the club, his team and the fans and is determined to continue and successfully complete the transition in Liverpool.

“He didn’t extend his contract until 2026 for nothing.”

While we welcome Kosicke’s words, we remain unconvinced that everything is hunky-dory at Anfield. Frustrations are creeping in and Kosicke having to surface backs up that suggestion in our eyes.

It’s worth nothing that Kosicke was speaking to Sky Sports Germany hack Florian Plettenberg who earlier this week claimed that the owners would back the boss further next year in the market and that investment would be forthcoming for “top transfers next summer.”

In our opinion FSG are currently and indirectly trying to calm the fan base who are growing increasingly tired with their lack of support for one of the world’s greatest managers. If results improve, they will certainly breathe a sigh of relief as things will once again settle down. If the mood isn’t lifted once football resumes following the World Cup, it’s highly likely that something will have to give.

As former boss Graeme Souness said yesterday, if the boss speaks out publicly against the owners and finally admits that he’s not been backed as well as he’d like, such public criticism would “kill” them.

Yesterday the offal published a positive article titled ‘Next phase in Anfield Road Stand expansion to begin‘ which had Paul Cuttill, vice-president of stadium operations at the club, telling us about “Anfield’s exciting new future” while we’ve also been treated to more positive news made by Plettenberg about “top transfers” and now Kosicke is trying to put a smile back on our faces.

Distractions are a good thing for the owners when they are coming under increasing criticism. Expect positive chatter of midfield reinforcements coming in this January and don’t be surprised if that actually happens. FSG know they need to dangle something and quickly. We expect to see at least a midfielder recruited in January and we have a feeling that you’ll know about it, well before it’s officially confirmed.

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