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We can have a pop at Edwards but nobody else can, ever!

I’m pleased that Bobby Duncan secured his exit from Liverpool for Serie A side Fiorentina, today. It was an unpleasant situation that played itself out on social media last week thanks to the player’s representative Saif Rubie, who has since closed his Twitter acount.

Bobby DuncanRubie was extremely critical of Liverpool’s Michael Edwards last week labelling him a ‘glorified data analyst’. It’s funny, because I’ve heard some Liverpool fans call Edwards that in the past but I wasn’t offended by their insults at the time. We can run our mouths about one of our own but I’m not having an agent take shots at anyone at the club even if they’re right

Jokes aside, I didn’t like the club being accused of bullying or ignoring mental health issues. I’m sorry, but there’s no way anyone at Anfield would act in such a way. I will never defend or support the club blindly, but there’s just no way I’d ever believe such allegations.

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What did concern me though was how some Liverpool fans have laid into Duncan so heavily. Nobody is bigger than the club, especially some kid, no matter who your cousin is, but at no time did we see any proof that the player thought he was. Maybe I’m wrong, but even so, I can’t stick the boot into an 18-year-old kid, even if I envy the “very poor salary” that he was being paid by the Reds.

Anyway, the outcome is great for all involved i.e. Liverpool, Fiorentina and Duncan himself. Our glorified data analyst secured a good deal for us but the rookie striker leaves with some pressure on his shoulders as those who had never heard of him before last week will now watch his career closely to see what all the fuss was about. As for Rubie, he’s come out of this terribly because if you were Liverpool Football Club would you consider working with him again in the future? The way in which he conducted himself won’t have gone unnoticed by other clubs either.

I’m glad the matter was resolved swiftly and I hope that Duncan can now go on to prove himself. I also hope that he feels a bit happier now that he got the move he wanted (again).


Duncan Oldham
KopTalk Editor

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