Steven Caulker loan concerns

Steven Caulker

Reaction amongst the Anfield faithful to the confirmation that Liverpool had signed Steven Caulker on loan until the end of the season yesterday was quite mixed. While I personally welcomed the signing, I completely understood why some Liverpool supporters were concerned about it.

Ever since former Liverpool managing director Christian Purslow described the selling of the club to Fenway Sports Group (FSG) as a “bottom of the barrel” deal, some fans believe that we have continued scraping the same barrel when it comes to some of our signings.

Whatever side of the fence you sit on with regards Fenway Sports Group (FSG), and for transparency I’m not a fan, they have provided plenty of funds for previous managers to spunk on overpriced, overrated, underperforming crap. The net spend however isn’t that great, or it wasn’t the last time I looked. Nah I’ve given up. I just can’t be arsed any more to engage with those who think FSG “saved” us. Most of those that defend FSG also repeatedly defended Brendan Rodgers so they’re really not worth trying to correct. They have a right to their opinion and I respect that. I’d rather just bide my time. The fireworks will remain in their box until someone who gives a shit about football comes along – and they will come.

Neven SubotićTalking of rockets, it’s not rocket science that supporters want to see us sign the better players that are out there. To go from Neven Subotić to Steven Caulker within 24 hours, someone who couldn’t even get a game at Southampton (or QPR), is a bit of a come down so I can understand why many fans would be reaching for the rope. As a Liverpool supporter who has become drained at the way our club has been run for years, I’m just glad I’ve never had a banister strong enough to take my weight or I’d have been gone a long time ago. Wishful thinking for many I’m sure.

Caulker could do with a break though, don’t you think? He needs a bit of luck that lad and I’m fully behind him. I’m one of the few that think his loan could be a success. I don’t blindly support the club but the way I see it is this, can we really do any worse with so many players out injured? I don’t want to see Lucas or Enrique played as a centre-back so surely a lad with some experience and a point to prove is worth a few months of anyone’s time. If he bombs so what, it’s not like we’ve bought him. He has a point to prove and we need as much help as possible just now. And, wouldn’t it be nice if the move was a success and we went on to sign him in the summer? We’re due a rub of the green. Let’s give him a chance.

Admittedly when we cash in on Philippe Coutinho, and it will happen at some point under FSG, fans will wan’t to see more than free transfers, loan deals and more gambles on young players. I think the majority of our fantastic supporters were hoping to see a change in policy when Klopp was appointed. Well it’s too soon to say there won’t be one. We just need to remain patient for a little bit longer and see what happens during the next proper transfer window.

Dortmund may have resisted our Subotić approach but don’t forget, money talks and if it was put on the table, I’m sure it would have been him and not Caulker that the official LFC website would have been interviewing yesterday afternoon. Hopefully in the summer though, the owners will back the new manager with plenty of it but more importantly, I hope they’ll let him, and not the other idiots, decide where to spend it.

The Caulker signing makes sense to me. I can’t help being a little bit suspicious though. FSG have just made me that way and that’s why I understand why the disgruntled were letting off a few negative comments yesterday.

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Duncan Oldham
KopTalk® Editor

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