Jürgen Klopp will leave Liverpool one day but until then, let’s just enjoy the ride

Jurgen Klopp

I recently read a number of articles that suggested Jürgen Klopp would probably walk out on Liverpool when his contract expires in 2022. 2022 seems a long way off but in reality it’s just around the corner. Each season seems to fly by and before you know it, we’ll be 3 years older.

The British media basically ran a number of reports claiming that the Liverpool manager had ‘hinted’ that he could quit the club in 3 years’ time but if you examine his latest quotes carefully, he basically suggested it was a bit weird to be discussing something like that now. All I saw was ifs, buts and maybes. Yes he may take a break if he doesn’t extend his Anfield stay, but rather than focus on 2022, let’s focus on 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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I must admit that the thought of Klopp leaving the club fills me with sadness. I was gutted when the likes of Kenny Dalglish, Gerard Houllier and Rafa Benitez stepped down at Anfield and I know that I will feel the same when the day comes that Jürgen opts to move on. He’s definitely one of us and the fact that he connects so well with the Liverpool fanbase is a reason why he’s so loved. Whether he wins any more major silverware or not, Klopp will obviously go down as a Liverpool legend. It is a title that he deserves.

Rather than focus on what may or may not be, I’d rather focus on the season ahead knowing that behind the scenes the club’s owners will be doing everything they can to secure Klopp to a new contract. I actually feel that if he secured another European Cup or even that much needed Premier League title, that he would extend. Most fans probably think he’d want to go out on a high but I can’t help but think that he would feel energised rather than exhausted. Wishful thinking maybe but if he continues to feel the love, maybe he will find it hard to walk away.

For now, let’s just enjoy Liverpool Football Club under Jürgen’s guidance. It’s a good time to be a Liverpool fan again; we shouldn’t forget how miserable it had been until Fenway Sports Group (FSG) realised that they needed a quality manager in the hot-seat.

Earlier this week I also spoke about this topic in a video on KopTalk.TV, our free YouTube channel. You can see my additional thoughts below.


Duncan Oldham
KopTalk Editor

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