What to do when you’re not on The Kop

The Kop

During a time when it’s almost impossible to go to the stadium anywhere in the country, it might be worth considering how to spend your time with the extra money that comes without season tickets. There are plenty of pastimes especially with the rise of the internet, and here you can read more about what to do with your time.

You’ve probably seen a lot of football games from the TV lately. It’s alright but nothing beats a day at Anfield. So, what could you do with all that time you have on your hands? Here are some suggestions, you might find interesting and amusing.

Try an online casino

Some might say gambling in online casinos is one of the great ways to earn some extra money This might not hold up in the end. But it is certainly a lot of fun. To be good at online casinos it requires both skill and luck. There are plenty of different online casino platforms on the internet, but most websites have the classical games like poker, blackjack and roulette for instance.

As a new player on an online casino platform, you can get welcome bonuses through which you can try out various games to be sure which ones you want to try your money on. We recommend that you try online casinos for the fun of it. This means you spend your money within a budget. Then you can still afford season tickets when they become available.

Video games are here to stay

Things might not go so well for Liverpool at the moment, and that’s why we have video games. Just like in real life football anything can happen. But this time you are in control of the team and can put an end to the dreadful misery of your favorite. There are plenty of football related video games out there.

FIFA has had the throne since the 90’s but there are other games like Pro Evolution Soccer, that some say is just as good. It’s a perfect warm up with your friends before the big match, and you can each play with your favorite teams to settle who’s the best once and for all.

Play by yourself as well

You can choose yourself whether you want to play the game alone or play together with your friends. When playing alone, it can be easier to focus on your strategy but on the other hand playing together can give you a more positive and fun experience. Depending on what your goal is, you should consider both.

There are plenty of football games to play and choose from online also for free. Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun to play. And if they are free, you don’t have to speculate about money at all. You can of course compete with your friends when setting new high score. All you have to do is find the game that suits you. The you’re in for some fun entertainment.