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Top 3 easiest football bets to win


Betting on football matches (soccer in America) has become increasingly popular. Everyone wants to win their bets, whether they are a seasoned gambler or a casual bettor. There are several types of football bets that one can place on a football match, but not all bets are created equal. Some bets are easier to win than others. In this article, we will discuss the draw no bet in football and some of the easiest bets in this sport.

Draw no bet: is it the safest bet in football?

The Draw No Bet market is considered to be one of the safest bets in football as it offers only a 33% chance of losing money, with a 33% chance of winning and a 33% chance of the stake being returned. As a result, this kind of bet is favoured by many bettors who want to back the underdog but still have the assurance of a draw.

For instance, let’s take Morocco as a team with some potential, available at a favourable price of +185 in the Draw No Bet market. This kind of bet offers the added advantage of winning even if the match ends in a draw.

Draw No Bet markets are typically offered by bookmakers and betting exchanges.

So, how does a Draw No Bet work?

Placing a bet on the Draw No Bet market is a straightforward process. To illustrate, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario where Liverpool is facing Hoffenheim in a Champions League qualifier, with Liverpool leading 2-1 on aggregate after a closely contested first leg.

The odds for Liverpool to win the game in the 1X2 market are 1.7. However, the Draw No Bet market has the following odds:

  • Liverpool wins the match: 1.3
  • Hoffenheim wins the match: 3.5

Suppose a bettor places a £100 bet on the Reds at Lottoland Football in the Draw No Bet market at odds of 1.3. The potential winnings in this scenario would be:

Result Winnings
Liverpool wins £30 + your 100£
Draw £0 (you £100 returned)
Hoffenheim wins – £100


Moreover, the Asian Handicap betting market provides an option to set 0 as the handicap. If the match ends in a draw, the bettor’s stake is returned, similar to the outcome in the Draw No Bet market.

However, Draw No Bet offers an advantage to bettors as they can calculate their own odds for the market by comparing the odds of two different bookmakers or betting exchanges. This approach could potentially increase the value of the bet, which is not possible at the level Asian Handicap market.

The 3 easiest football bets to win

It’s time to outline some of the easiest bets to win in football, which offers good opportunities for bettors to earn money. These bets can act as a financial cushion and help keep the bettor’s account active:

  • One such bet is the BTTS (Both Teams To Score) bet, which requires the bettor to predict if both teams will score a goal or not. Typically, when having arch-rivals or teams with similar strengths in the same match, both teams are likely to score.
  • Another straightforward bet is the Over/Under bet. This bet can be profitable if the bettor chooses a low figure as the reference point. For example, if both teams are strong at scoring goals, the bettor can set the over/under figure at a low point of 0.5, making it more difficult to lose.
  • The Double Chance bet is another easy bet to win, where the bettor wins money if any two out of three outcomes are obtained. This bet is particularly useful when a strong team is playing against a weak team on their home ground.


Is it better to bet over or under in football?

to place an over/under wager, the bettor must predict whether the teams will collectively score above or below a total number of points. If bettors expect a low-scoring game, they bet on the Under. Conversely, if they anticipate a high-scoring game, they place the bet on the Over. Furthermore, betting on the under option is Usually not as favoured by bettors as compared to the over option. As a result, the overs will more likely be wagers with low value.

Is draw No bet the same as double chance?

In the case of a draw no bet, if the game ends in a tie, the bookmaker will return the wager to the bettor, effectively removing the possibility of a draw from the selection. The bettor picks a team to win. In contrast, the double chance bet combines two potential outcomes, one of which can be a draw.