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Liverpool’s interest in Atalanta midfielder Ederson


Liverpool were linked with Atalanta midfielder Ederson earlier in the week. Brazilian journalist Jorge Nicola vaguely claimed that The Reds had made a €45million offer for the 24-year-old midfielder, a claim that Atalanta would later deny.

At the time this all kicked off, we stated that we didn’t believe ‘the bid’ to be accurate and that it all sounded a little premature. However, we also stated that our interest in Ederson was actually genuine, but pointed out that we have an interest in many players before finally deciding who to make formal targets. Our ‘interest’ by no means suggested that we would follow up further. Liverpool are merely considering their options and Ederson is one of them.

We believe that there has been informal discussions with the player’s representatives, but we don’t believe there has been anything more than that at the present time.

Yesterday, we saw a flurry of articles denying our interest in Ederson. These all originated after a hack by the name of David Lynch, who once worked for the official Liverpool FC website and a few low key publications, rubbished our reported interest in the player. Lynch is now freelance (unemployed) and writes for the odd fan site and churns out opinion via his recently new YouTube channel. He is deemed part of the ‘LFC Clique’ of journalists and content creators that basically all agree with each other and post the same claims all at the same time. Many see him as the least credible of the ‘LFC Clique’ which is why he has earned himself the nickname of ‘Captain Obvious’.

Lynch said that it was untrue that a deal had been agreed for Ederson which is odd as we never saw any mainstream media outlet claim one had been agreed in the first place, so that’s obviously easy to state. He also said that “Ederson does not feature highly” on Liverpool’s shortlist of potential signings, which still left the door open a little should The Reds actually step in with a bid at a later date. He also added that Liverpool were “monitoring other targets”, which again, seems a little obvious.

The reality of the situation is that Atalanta do not want to sell Ederson and they will do everything to retain his services. They certainly won’t allow him to leave on the cheap. Intense competition for his signature is also driving up his valuation, potentially making him an expensive acquisition which makes it fairly obvious to us that Liverpool may instead consider other options.

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