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Liverpool could land Kylian Mbappe claim the French and Spanish

Kylian Mbappe

It’s the most tedious transfer link that we’ve had to endure for years and it just won’t go away. Yesterday it was the French, today it was the Spanish: ‘Don’t rule Liverpool out!’ is the ongoing message when it comes to the player’s future.

Spanish publication AS today claim that the Reds do have a chance of signing the 25-year-old France international while yesterday, French outfit Le Parisien wrote that Liverpool, not Real Madrid, were “the most credible and dangerous candidate” to land the player if he doesn’t extend with PSG.

Few Liverpool supporters actually believe Mbappe could possibly end up at Liverpool under the current owners because of the financial salary that would be required to make it happen. Club insiders have never categorically ruled the possibility out choosing instead to smirk and duck the question, both on and off the record, while the boss commented last year that even he’d be shocked to see it happen.

Commenting on the speculation at the time, he said: “We laugh about it. I can say that I think he’s a really good player, but the financial conditions don’t suit us at all. I wouldn’t like to ruin the story now, but as far as I know, there’s nothing to it.”

When asked if a transfer could happen without him being consulted, he added: “It’s possible that someone else from the club is preparing something and wants to surprise me, but that hasn’t happened in the eight years that I’ve been here. That would be the first time.”

We’ve kinda flip-flopped with the the Mbappe stuff. One minute we think the suggestion of him making the switch to Anfield is just delusional, the next we think maybe we wouldn’t be shocked if we stepped up with an offer, after all, who expected Brighton and Liverpool to agree a British record transfer fee of £111m for midfielder Moises Caicedo last August? The deal fortunately didn’t proceed, but every now and then the owners do shock us with some of their moves. Don’t worry, we’re not going all ‘Top Reds’ on you, we’re just saying that football is a funny old game, ‘never say never’ and all that, and yes, even when it comes to Mbappe.

Ultimately, the only reason we’re leaving the door open the absolute tiniest bit ajar is because the player has a genuine soft spot for Liverpool, but to pull a deal off Real Madrid would most likely have to step aside and Reds’ boss Jürgen Klopp would need to extend past 2026.

We don’t usually venture into the Mbappe nonsense, but on this occasion we felt the need to chime in. Our website isn’t plastered in adverts: we don’t need impressions or views and we’re not trying to push any free bets onto you, we’re just giving you our honest opinion.

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