FSG ‘leaning toward a partial sale’ – claims from Boston

Boston Globe

Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group are leaning towards a partial sale of the club opposed to an outright sale, according to an article published by the Boston Globe today.

The publication which is owned by John W. Henry, claims that ‘Fenway Sports Group remains engaged in discussions with an array of suitors interested in either buying all or part of Liverpool Football Club’ but that a partial sale is ‘the more likely outcome of the exploration’.

KopTalk has previously claimed that FSG have been in talks with an American consortium for quite some time, details of which are available to members, and that interest has now been confirmed by the Boston Globe who write that ‘one of the potential partners is from North America … one outcome of a partial investment would be a minority partner eventually turning into a majority partner, but there is no indication that this is FSG’s preference or that it wants to relinquish full control.’

An update posted on the members’ website earlier today, provides further details as to what the state of play is regarding interest and from where. With Middle East chatter increasing over the last 24-48 hours, it comes as no surprise to us that the Boston Globe ran this piece today. VIP Members are advised to log-in immediately for opinion on that.

As with any reports that you see published like the one by the Boston Globe today, ask yourself who the publishing of those claims benefit and why is it being published in the first place.

FSG are aware that the fan base is relatively calm towards them at the moment, but the atmosphere will no doubt change if there is any indication that a complete sale to other regions in the world are snubbed in favour of keeping the club under American ownership. A ‘source’ told the Boston Globe that potential new partners would need to be philosophically aligned with FSG’s fiscal tenets and team-building philosophies. This is a very telling statement and one that in our opinion suggests they would prefer to sell to American partners opposed to selling to the Middle East where there is interest, even if that means selling a minority stake rather than their entire holding in the club.

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