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Barcelona waiting for the green light to bid for Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho

Liverpool Football Club are delaying proceedings with Barcelona in relation to the proposed transfer of Philippe Coutinho while they attempt to strengthen their squad first.

The Anfield club are in no rush to sell the Brazilian and would prefer to hold on to him until the summer, but the numbers that have been [informally] offered by Barcelona vary depending on when the transfer is concluded i.e. when he leaves for them and not just when an agreement is signed and publicly announced like Leipzig’s deal with Liverpool for Naby Keïta.

KOPTALK has maintained since the summer that the magical price for The Magician would be a fee of around £133million so it is with interest that credible sources in the mainstream media have now started to touch on that now being a possible fee.

Suggestions that Jürgen Klopp has tried to offer the player the captaincy and improved terms to stay at Anfield have been dismissed as nonsense. The Liverpool manager completely understands that the player may have to be sold this month to capitalise on what money can be recouped, with Barcelona willing to offer a higher fee during the current window.

We understand that Liverpool want to do some additional business before announcing any Coutinho deal, as clubs will then be in a position to try it on, knowing that we’re not short of a few bob.

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Liverpool fans will be hoping that if he is sold, which he is going to be, that he can be retained until the summer. It would be madness to let the player leave mid-term with the Reds pushing for a strong top 4 finish. However, Barcelona don’t want to leave him at Anfield until the summer due to the risk of him sustaining a serious injury which could force a proposed deal to collapse. They want to deliver him to their fans now and they believe they can do so.

All of Barcelona’s bids last summer were rejected but this time around we believe they will only table a bid once Liverpool have indicated to them that they are ready to sign an agreement. Had Liverpool signed Thomas Lemar from Monaco at the end of August, we feel the Reds would have cashed in then and Lemar could again be the key to completion. If not, someone else.

Liverpool officials know the only way to soften a January exit is if they can secure a top signing and that is what they are currently working on doing.

Onlookers say there’s no way Liverpool will sell Coutinho during the January window. We have disagreed with that statement since the summer. If it’s on our terms, the owners will have no problem in sanctioning a sale. This is why the club have remained quiet, even during the Nike-Coutinho advertising drama.

As for Liverpool reporting Barcelona for ‘tapping-up’ the player, something a few desperate Reds would like to see happen, you can’t do that when you are willing to sell and are involved in negotiations.

Although we’re not fans of Fenway Sports Group (FSG) it will be foolish to criticise them once a sale goes through. They are in a difficult position as the player wants out. No owners could prevent that. At the moment they are trying to maximise the amount of money received and if a deal goes ahead this month, that will be because it was deemed the best possible outcome for the club.

Like yourself, we hope that we can hold on to Coutinho until the summer but if Liverpool make sound progress on the recruitment front and Barcelona meet our terms, we just can’t see that being the case. But despite the ifs, buts and maybes, we believe Liverpool remain in a strong position.

As usual, we would advise that you don’t pay any attention to the loons on Twitter and instead wait for the news to break from Anfield which we feel will come out of nowhere. We have no doubts that he will leave, it’s just a matter of when, not if.

The minute Anfield give the green light, we expect Barcelona’s bid to come in. When will he leave? Who knows. Let’s wait and see.

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