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Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde quizzed about Philippe Coutinho

Ernesto Valverde

Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde claims he has no idea what is happening behind the scenes in relation to the possible transfer of Philippe Coutinho to the Nou Camp.

Speaking at a pre-match press conference on Wednesday, Valverde insisted he had no news and he wouldn’t be pushed further on the matter by journalists.

“Sometimes I come in here and I learn about things that are happening; whether they’re true or not, I don’t know,” he said.

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“Coutinho plays for another team and he is a great player for that team. If he plays for Barca in the future or not, I don’t know.

“I like the players I have in my team and if another one comes in the future, I’m sure he has to be a very good player, too.”

Asked about Coutinho now being ineligible to play in the Champions League this season for Barca, he added: “I’ve got nothing to say about Coutinho. We respect the fact he plays for another club.”

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