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Duncan Oldham: The real football returns

Premier League Trophy

Well, I thought it was the best World Cup since Italia 90 and it was the greatest World Cup final of my lifetime so far. While the hypocritical luvvies in the media tried to completely discredit Qatar, there is no denying that the Qataris put on one of the best footballing tournaments ever.

The England players looked absolutely ridiculous when they took the knee against the USA who just looked at them as if to say: “WTF is that all about?” Players covering their mouths and debates about armbands was nothing but virtue signalling with a little hypocrisy thrown in. When I was a kid, the Rainbow movement was about Geoffrey, George, Zippy and Bungle. I have no time for anyone who doesn’t see the need for campaigns against racism and for equality, but today, much of what I see doesn’t seem very authentic so just stick to the football!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I like the odd flutter on games especially when I’m a neutral. I like to back there to be more than 2 goals in a game which then gives me an interest plus I have 2 teams playing for me! I had some other decent bets during the tournament thanks to a BetVictor sign up offer. I was unfriended on Facebook for backing France against England but like I said at the time: Back with your head, not your heart! That’s why I never gamble on Liverpool games.

With the World Cup now out of the way, the real football can now resume and boy have I missed it! Although I’m always moaning about the modern top flight game today, I admit, I’m lost when there’s no domestic football taking place. International football doesn’t interest me apart from when the World Cup or Euros are on, the rest of the time, no thanks. A World Cup that’s played after a domestic season concludes sees us through the summer so having this last one played in winter wasn’t really what I wanted to see. There’s just something about watching English domestic football in winter. We might all moan about the weather and what not, but I love donning the wooly hat and gloves and blowing on a hot cuppa while trying not to remove the skin from inside my mouth. Oh and the pies, let’s not forget the hot pies! Like I’d forget a pie!

As well as the football resuming, the football transfer chatter will now return too. You might argue that it never went away although that depends on what or who you follow and why they feel the need to push something out to you every day. KopTalk doesn’t need to patronise you with daily, regurgitated updates about Jude Bellingham. Because we exist thanks to our loyal members, followers of KopTalk know that if we’re quiet, there’s nothing credible to report. When something drops on KopTalk that’s because we feel you need to know about it. That’s what we’ve done for 25 years and that’s how it will always be. We don’t need the traffic, we don’t need to click-bait you (although we like the odd tease!) and we very rarely push any form of advertising on our social media channels.

Right now, my attention is on Enzo Fernandez and today’s members update explains why. Some supporters think we’ll land both Fernandez and Bellingham, this despite both potential deals would cost in excess of £100million. The deluded have convinced themselves that new owners are imminent and that’s why we’re being heavily linked with both players. I would argue that there’s not one person or group close to purchasing the club and that Liverpool are playing off agents and clubs ahead of the summer window to prevent a repeat of last summer’s failings. While the mood in the fan base is calm, there will be no urgency on FSG to sell the club. We know where the interest is coming from and we know that Henry and Co. would rather keep it in the family in the US. I personally would prefer Middle East investment and not because I want someone to come in and spend zillions. No. I would just prefer the club to be owned by people who love football and it. As for European interest, I touched on this back in November. You may have heard some rumours about German interest, I personally find that chatter suspicious.

Have you noticed how a lot of the reporting from the mainstream media in relation to a possible sale has gone quiet? Remember, I’m not talking about the previously unheard of blogs and the self-appointed Twitter ITKs. I’m talking about the big boys. The Boston Globe is used to sound opinion and reaction from the fans while the occasional snippet is dropped to the Liverpool clique of hacks who toe-the-line for access. FSG have got their message out there and they’ve got a good feel of things in return, but like I said, while the fan base is calm, they’ll drag it out for as long as they can in the hope that some mug will take a minority stake.

A League Cup tie against Manchester City might not excite everyone with supporters more interested in the Premier League return at Villa on Monday instead, but I’m buzzing with anticipation going into tomorrow night’s game. I love the domestic cups and I hate it when they’re not taken seriously. I get it, obviously, but I’m old skool, I think only about Liverpool winning every bit of silverware that’s up for grabs. However, if you want to see major signings at Liverpool next year, Champions League qualification is a must. Forget drooling over Bellingham, you need to start focusing on our league position. Rest assured, our primary targets will be as will potential investors.


Duncan Oldham
KopTalk Editor