What numptie came up with Lovren carpool idea?

Who needs the media to cause distractions for Jürgen Klopp when there’s people within the club happy to do it for them. What numptie came up with the idea to put cameras in Dejan Lovren’s car for a so called ‘LFC Carpool’ feature and who thought that uploading the footage to the internet was an even better idea? Can you believe it? I know I can’t!

The blurb on the official Liverpool FC website, which has been pulled after the police confirmed they were investigating the matter, said: ‘Ever wondered what Liverpool’s players talk about when they’re driving to training at Melwood? Find out in the first edition of LFC Carpool, featuring Dejan Lovren, Marko Grujic and Lazar Markovic – which registered users can watch for free on demand now. With Lovren at the wheel, we recently captured the trio’s journey into the training complex with a series of cameras positioned in the centre-back’s car.’

The video, some of which can be viewed here, shows Dejan Lovren at the wheel fooling around with team-mates Lazar Markovic and Marko Grujic. Markovic, now on loan at Sporting CP in Portugal, appears to be not wearing a seatbelt while Lovren is seen taking his hands off the wheel at various times. Naturally the behaviour has set off road safety experts and anyone else that wants to stick the knife in.

Police could haul Lovren in for not being in proper control of a vehicle, driving without due care and attention, using a mobile phone at the wheel and for carrying a passenger without a seat belt.

It’s an unwanted distraction that we really could do without just now.

To some it will be seen as no big deal. I for one have done similar when younger. Who hasn’t? It’s daft stuff that young men do but the laughter soon stops when someone is killed as a result of such stupidity. Had the car ploughed in to your child or loved one, it would be a big deal then, right?

However, I’m not having a pop at the players here. My issue is with who at Liverpool Football Club thought it was a good idea? How could anyone be so stupid knowing that people are constantly looking for something to dig at? What idiot put the players and especially Lovren in this situation in the first place? Was it the same person who thought it would be a good idea to give Mamadou Sakho a camera and a selfie stick for the pre-season tour that would eventually get in the manager’s face?

Come on guys. We don’t need these kind of negative distractions. Nobody was hurt but you’re putting the players in the papers for the wrong reasons. The press are always going to blow this stuff up especially when we’re doing alright on the pitch.

There was a time when the club was renowned for its privacy. I appreciate the demands of selling content to fans around the world but you really need to have a rethink.

James Corden is an entertainer (with 3 cars behind his and 2 cars in front during filming at speeds less than 20mph), Dejan Lovren is a footballer. Leave the boys to focus on their football instead of encouraging them to clown around. It’s not like footballers need much encouragement.

The manager can be doing without this rubbish.

Duncan Oldham
Duncan Oldham

KOPTALK® editor