Anthony Taylor? Let the Mancs bring 2 refs to Anfield!

Anthony Taylor

There’s been quite a bit of a debate about Manchester-born Anthony Taylor being selected to referee Liverpool vs Manchester United on Monday evening.

Former referees chief Keith Hackett, a referee I actually had time for back in the day, said that the decision by the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) to appoint Taylor was grossly unfair while another former ref, Graham Poll, said it was no big deal. Maybe it isn’t a big deal but if there’s a controversial decision made that night it will be Taylor that takes a coshing.

There’ll be hell on if Taylor bottles it. Let’s be honest they have put him under pressure before a ball has even been kicked. I just hope he can handle it because this is the first time he’s had to deal with these two English giants battling it out.

But never mind what happens on the pitch, though, I can see it kicking off below the front stand! Hopefully, Mourinho will be flapping his arms while Klopp charges down the side of the pitch in excitement, a bit like the way I leave my sofa when I hear the ice-cream van driving past my house.

Truth be told, the appointment doesn’t concern me. But I am surprised by it. If it was the World Cup final between Spain and Germany, would either nation accept a referee born and living in the opposition country? Exactly.

Some Liverpool fans are suggesting that Taylor will be United’s 12th man but you never know, it could go in our favour.

Aat the end of the day, United can bring as many men as they want. They can even bring 2 Manchester-born refs if they like because we fear nobody.

Bring it on!

Duncan Oldham
KopTalk® Editor

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