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Buy & Sell Players On The Football Index – Join Now Online

Football Index is the world’s first football stock market where you can Buy & Sell footballers with real money. Watch before your eyes as footballers turn from players into commodities on this new virtual stock market that is driven by real-time actions. Whether it’s for fun or serious financial gain, Football Index is guaranteed to provide you with hours of entertainment. This is YOUR chance to buy footballers for your portfolio using the knowledge you have about the beautiful game!

There are two ways to make money. The most popular way of making a few pounds is through buying and selling footballers. Just as in real life, the best players’ share prices are naturally the highest, so pick up the best young stars and watch their values soar. Remember to buy low and sell high! As well as buying and selling players, dividends are also paid for the best performing players so if they’re in your portfolio, you could earn some cash as a result!

Football IndexThere are three types of dividends in Football Index; media, matchday and in-play. Up to 8 pence per share can be won through media dividends. In order to win these media dividends, one of your players must finish top of the media rankings on a match day. On non match days, the first, second and third highest players in the media rankings are declared the winners.

Any of your players can win match-day dividends. Match-day dividends are paid out if your player finishes top of the matchday rankings. There are rankings for the following categories: Star Player, Top Forward, Top Midfielder, Top Defender and Top Goalkeeper.

In-play dividends rely on your players’ real-life performances. Instances such as goals and assists earn you money for outfield players, whereas, clean sheets are what goalkeepers should strive for. For example, a midfielder will earn 2p per share for each goal scored.

Overall, Football Index is providing you the opportunity to use your footballing knowledge to make money in a more engaging way than traditional gambling. Whether you’re a casual player or are in it to make some money, Football Index is a fun and exciting hobby for football fans.

You can purchase one Virgil van Dijk’s or up to a hundred Mo Salahs, the choice is yours.

We absolutely love Football Index. We haven’t been paid for this article or asked to promote them, we just think it’s great fun and we want you to get involved and join us in our new Football Index forums (see below).

Ever found a gem on Football Manager (Championship Manager)? Well now you could make some money from your scouting skills! 

Join Football Index now and get involved from as little as a tenner! A deposit of £40 for example would enable you to buy quite a few players. Some players could cost you as little as 30p while Neymar has just become the first player valued at £20! The first Liverpool players we purchased were Virgil van Dijk, Adam Lallana and Rafael Camacho. Here’s hoping that their share prices will rise over the coming year! Away from Liverpool FC and we snapped up Declan Rice, Jose Gaya and Juan Bernat. But who would you buy?

We would like to add that we participate for fun purposes only. Remember, a player’s valuation can rise but it can also decrease. Please gamble responsibly and keep it fun!

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