With Jota, Nunez and Diaz we all believed that more chances would fall to our midfielders and wide players, but it hasn't really clicked - only for Diogo. While there really isn't many striking options out there other than Zerkzee who are worth the initial outlay it would be a good idea if the team could somehow simplify our attacking to give Diaz more time on the ball to pick his head up. I'm not talking about Henderson kick, pass and run where you have passed the ball rather a player who can threaten to get Diaz in behind (like he did basically against Tottenham, where he had a goal ruled out dubiously) and cause our left back to really get forward to make a key pass or even a cross.

Bakayoko might be a decent replacement for Salah, provided A.Slot lets him add width and knows when to time his runs, something I feel the club lack from the right flank.