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Liverpool FC Discussion
2021 / 2 title race analysis of the runners
by Snakeye
25/10/21 08:40 PM
Took our foot off the accelerator.
by Snakeye
25/10/21 08:32 PM
If salah does not sign new contract
by ecnirp98
25/10/21 11:20 AM
Re-run of last years injury problems this time with midfield
by Pickles
24/10/21 07:32 PM
Question: Newcastle or Man Utd
by Pickles
24/10/21 06:57 PM

General Discussion
by EMP
25/10/21 04:15 PM
What's a bizzare historical event you can't believe ...
by Dunk
19/10/21 08:24 AM
What's a film everyone liked, but you hated?
by Dunk
19/10/21 08:23 AM
What’s the biggest uncomfortable truth?
by Dunk
19/10/21 08:23 AM
What you usually think about before falling asleep?
by Dunk
19/10/21 08:22 AM

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