Liverpool fans to protest against FSG at Melwood


Liverpool FC supporters’ group Fenway We Come Not To Pay are inviting supporters to attend a protest against Fenway Sports Group (FSG) today.

The protest, which has received virtually no media coverage, is being held outside Melwood at 8pm this evening and according to those involved, it will be a peaceful gathering with no anti-social behaviour being tolerated.

Fenway We Come Not To Pay are opposed to FSG’s ownership of the club and have detailed multiple reasons as to why across their social media channels. Basically they feel that the club is being held back and that numerous promises and pledges have been broken by the owners.

Those involved claim that they have received a hostile response to the planned protest from more established Liverpool FC fans’ groups. They also state that the police paid them a personal visit warning them off from holding the protest when it was first announced. The protest was called off but having now made the appropriate arrangements, it is now back on albeit at short notice.

With Melwood looking set to be locked up early today, we can’t but help think that there will be a low turn out as few fans may not hang around. However, it might be worth popping down for a nosey if you’re in the area or keeping an eye on Sky Sports News as the day pans out.

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