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Disappointment and the Rebuild: The Upcoming Season


After a season that was certainly below expectations, Liverpool has begun to make moves for the upcoming season. Without Champions League and with the intention of avoiding big expenses, they need to breathe new life into a team that appears to be at the end of its cycle in many aspects.

A comeback that came too late

At the start of the 2022/23 season, few would have thought that Liverpool would finish far from the top of the table and not qualify for the next Champions League. The odds on betting sites like NetBet placed Klopp’s team in the mix, ready to compete again with City for the title. However, this time reality turned out to be very different. They finished in fifth place, with only 67 points, trailing Guardiola’s team by 22 points. They were never in the race to win the Premier League and even found themselves outside European spots at times, only to recover in the final weeks, although it wasn’t enough to secure a top-four position.Throughout the season, Liverpool often appeared surprisingly negative. They were disjointed, lacking fluid play compared to the splendid orchestral performance they had showcased for a long time. They were guilty of leaving defensive gaps for their opponents and making glaring mistakes. Apart from the usual and untouchable Salah, who once again proved indispensable, both long-standing key players like van Dijk and those expected to provide an extra spark, like Darwin Núñez, were disappointing.

Last season’s Liverpool team was a far cry from the quality we had become accustomed to, so much so that it became evident that the squad needed refreshing as it might have reached the end of its winning cycle. There were even moments when Klopp’s possible sacking was discussed, a hypothesis that fortunately was dismissed. However, it’s undeniable that the Reds need to try to regenerate themselves to compete at the highest level again.

From Firmino to Mac Allister

The painful departure of Roberto Firmino, an absolute star during their recent golden period, has been somewhat compensated by the first significant signing in the market: the Argentine Mac Allister, one of the best midfielders from the last World Cup, a high-quality player capable of playing in different positions. He has sparked a mini-reconstruction that must be based on a budget that is not too tight but also not unlimited, considering the loss of revenue from the Champions League.

The impression is that Liverpool has the responsibility to bring in new players across all lines, from a defense that has shown serious difficulties to a midfield that lacks creativity, and even up front, there are doubts about the true strength of Nunez as well as the adaptation of Gakpo to the Premier League, whose start in a Liverpool shirt wasn’t dazzling. In any case, there is much curiosity to see what lineup will be presented when the new season kicks off in August.