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Liverpool FC News
New manager latest - Barca bid - Sporting duo linked
by KopTalk Team - 16/04/24 11:27 AM
David Ornstein on Ruben Amorim
by KopTalk Team - 16/04/24 11:11 AM
MAIL: Inside the mind of The Special One - Mk II ...
by KopTalk Team - 29/03/24 05:42 PM
by KopTalk Team - 29/03/24 12:48 PM
Liverpool FC Discussion
We're faltering at the worst time
by RedDell - 19/04/24 12:47 AM
by Newo_Klopp - 18/04/24 10:55 PM
Liverpool vs Atalanta
by RedDell - 18/04/24 10:50 PM
Hello from JP
by JPTV - 18/04/24 06:28 PM
City's 115 charges
by The_Useful_Idiot - 18/04/24 03:04 PM
General Discussion
Word Association
by JoeyyyP - 18/04/24 10:34 PM
What’s a phrase you can’t stand?
by Naveed - 16/04/24 01:21 PM
Sunday League Coaching
by ScottLFC97 - 15/04/24 01:07 AM
Eid Mubarak
by Ave It!!! - 12/04/24 02:17 AM
What is your go to meal deal?
by JoeyyyP - 11/04/24 10:32 PM
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