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#637722 - 07/04/21 02:00 PM The MOST IMPORTANT video you could ever watch in your LIFE!
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Houston Wade is a Geologist, Astrophysics professor, a current Harvard grad student in History. Houston is on Twitter mostly posting about the GameStop saga.

Since December of last year GameStop had been on a crazy ride as a company and the redditors on Wall Street Bets have been ridiculed and parodied, but they may be onto something. This video goes into detail about what is happening and what has happened and what is MOST likely to happen with the Gamestop saga, including the “baby squeeze” in January, naked shorting, counterfeit shares, the SEC, and the DTCC insurance policy worth $67 trillion.

This not financial advice by the way because I am not a financial advisor, however if you have even a smidgeon of curiosity on this Gamestop saga or the world financial markets and what is about to happen, then this video WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

1:20 – Background on Houston

2:19 – Where he first heard of the GameStop saga/short selling/FTDs

5:58 – Short interest over 100%

11:30 – The baby squeeze/why is this not over?

17:19 – Where does this go? What happens with all the naked shorts/counterfeit shares?

26:02 – r/WallStreetBets and the GME apes

32:40 – DTCC insurance, the massive figures being thrown around

37:20 – Getting screwed by trading apps/SEC/Is the squeeze happening? Exit strategy

The REAL interesting stuff in this video is from 26:00 minutes in.


#637723 - 07/04/21 02:13 PM Re: The MOST IMPORTANT video you could ever watch in your LIFE! [Re: Pickles]
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There was ONLY 115 Million shares of Gamestop in existence.
Gamestop the company owns as least 45 million of them after buying up 35 million back in January to stop the hedgefunds bankrupting them out of existence, New Board Members of Gamestop own at least 10 million shares + 45 million.

Institutional investors Blackrock etc... have on record that they own 140% of the shares.

Then there's the retail investors who I'm now convinced own over 100% of the shares.

Then there's the Hedgefunds who've shorted / naked shorted the sh...ite out of the shares.

We are talking potentially 840 million shares now supposed to be owned by various parties in total when there is ONLY 115 Million in existence!!!

This is not about "IF" the sh...it hits the fan BUT WHEN?

Gamestop the business, have the opportunity up until I believe it's the 15th April to make a call on the amount of shares in existence whether it be legit or not. This WILL be a moment the ROCKET starts up for the share price going to a RECORD ever level. There's also the chance these Hedgefunds get Margin Called before then.


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