Here goes....

You all prob aware that your VOTE means nothing in any election in the UK. Brexit is the main proof. Regardless of your vote in or out, NO ONE is going to get what they voted for...

If you voted out - it's become obvious that we will not be "out". If conversely you voted to stay, it will not be the same when it's confirmed we are in.

Last 2 General Elections - None of us voted for Coalition Government as it wasn't on the ballot.. We never got what we voted for ANYONE...

I will go further, to say it doesn't matter what you vote for, even if you got exactly what you voted for - look below, I have from my MP the Oath they ALL swear, MP's and PM's..

The Prime Minister does not swear a different oath from any other MP during the swearing in process. However, all members of the Privy Council that advises the monarch swear an oath when they join the council.

You do swear by Almighty God to be a true and faithful Servant unto the Queen's Majesty, as one of Her Majesty's Privy Council. You will not know or understand of any manner of thing to be attempted, done, or spoken against Her Majesty's Person, Honour, Crown, or Dignity Royal, but you will let and withstand the same to the uttermost of your Power, and either cause it to be revealed to Her Majesty Herself, or to such of Her Privy Council as shall advertise Her Majesty of the same. You will, in all things to be moved, treated, and debated in Council, faithfully and truly declare your Mind and Opinion, according to your Heart and Conscience; and will keep secret all Matters committed and revealed unto you, or that shall be treated of secretly in Council. And if any of the said Treaties or Counsels shall touch any of the Counsellors, you will not reveal it unto him, but will keep the same until such time as, by the Consent of Her Majesty, or of the Council, Publication shall be made thereof. You will to your uttermost bear Faith and Allegiance unto the Queen's Majesty; and will assist and defend all Jurisdictions, Pre-eminences, and Authorities, granted to Her Majesty, and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament, or otherwise, against all Foreign Princes, Persons, Prelates, States, or Potentates. And generally in all things you will do as a faithful and true Servant ought to do to Her Majesty. So help you God.

Members of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords are required to take an oath of allegiance to the Crown before they take their seats in Parliament after a general election or by-election and after the death of the monarch. Any MP or Member of the House of Lords who objects to swearing an oath can make a solemn affirmation instead. This process is known as swearing in.

The wording of the oath is prescribed by the Promissory Oaths Act 1868. The form and manner of administering the oath are set out in the Oaths Act 1978.An MP takes the oath by holding the sacred text in his or her uplifted hand and says the words of the oath. I (name of Member) swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God. Interestingly there is a different version of the oath for Scottish MPs.

The process of swearing in is not a simple one but as MPs cannot be paid before they swear in, that is always a powerful incentive to get it done quickly. I understand the historical importance of swearing the oath and hope this tradition is retained.


No mention of serving the PUBLIC....!!!!!
Rafa B,
Freeman of the land,
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