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Duncan Oldham: Fans are booing the BLM, not the message

Duncan Oldham

Dozens of football fans have asked me since the weekend what I thought of the Millwall fans booing the players when they took the knee at the recent game between Millwall and Derby. It’s a sensitive subject and one that most people may choose to avoid if they weren’t offended by it.

I paused to take thought before answering, but then I thought: ‘No! Stuff this! I’m going to say what I feel. Whether I’m right or wrong, I’m not going to give a virtue signalling answer. I’m not going to hide my true feelings because of fear that I may be put into a camp that I can assure you that I certainly am not a part of.

In my opinion, the majority of football fans who oppose the taking of the knee before a match gets underway, see the gesture as promoting, and possibly even supporting, the BLM, the Black Lives Matter movement, a controversial organisation with political links and worrying ideology. They are not booing the players that they support or the message which any decent human being backs; they are booing the BLM movement.

‘Black lives matter’ said in a statement I emphatically agree with, but I cannot support the BLM movement. Having paid close attention to the BLM and educated myself as best as I can, I’m of the opinion that they create division and not unity.

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