Adam Naylor: Bellingham is the one we all want

Divock Origi

So, I want to try and make this a monthly thing that I do for the site. I have no idea where we will go with this, but to start with let’s go over a few things I pointed out last time.

Luis Diaz as I said before what a signing this guy has turned out to be so far, his goal scoring isn’t as instant as some may have expected but his work rate is incredible and he has fit straight into the team flawlessly, proving football is a universal language, despite him and Robbo not really being able to communicate verbally. You might want to take a look at the bwin welcome offer because I’m sure there’s a couple of goals in him still left to come this season!

It is looking more and more likely that Origi will not be with us much longer, with daily updates suggesting that AC Milian are close to agreeing a free transfer with him in the summer. Origi goes with my blessing, as much as the lad has been frustrating over the years he has been with us, it’s hard to imagine that this guy signed with us back when we had Rodgers in charge. He has shown great character on and off the field without kicking up much of a fuss over game time. Some people may not know this, but he also launched The Divock Origi Scholarship at Liverpool University. Basically this means that he will cover the £9,250 per year university fees for four students from the city with each student also receiving a £3000 grant for living expenses. He has contributed to many exciting moments during his time with us: the Champions league final goal, the Everton goal to win the Derby, the winner against Newcastle and the now infamous goal against Barcelona from the Trent corner. Thanks for the memories, Divock and all the best in the future!

Now Mo Salah. This guy is really starting to lose my respect as a person, not so much as a player because when he is on the pitch I cannot fault him. He still does the business and tries his best. However, the disrespect he is allowing his agent to give to our club and our manager I can not tolerate. For those of you out there that are saying it’s the agent not Mo please pay attention. The agent represents the player, everything he does has Mo’s approval. If it didn’t then these childish tweets would have been taken down had the player told him that’s not how he wanted to be represented. Mo is aware of everything his agent is doing. This guy is becoming a bit like Mino Raiola who the club refuse to do business with, hence why I think we did not go for Haaland and why we have not moved for the Ajax player Gravenberch. The more this Salah contract saga drags on the more I feel that he is going to be sold in the summer. On the day of writing, the latest press reports claim that Salah is open to joining Juventus, which for me shows that this is all about money because as big as a club Juve are, they are miles away from winning the Champions League, better yet, they seem miles away from challenging for the Serie A title too. So much for the Madrid plan. But this maybe his only option as Real Madrid seem to be focused on Mbappe and Haaland. Why would Salah leave Liverpool at this moment as we are challenging on all fronts? He has a team that he has thrived in, because, let’s be honest guys, Salah was not pulling up any trees before he joined us. I bet many of you raised your eyebrows when we signed him, ‘The Chelsea reject’ as he was called. For me, as it stands, I’m thinking he is going in the summer and it won’t be a hefty fee either for the best player in the world due to the fact that he’s in last year of his contract. I think we are looking at the 80-90 million range, when really, we should get double that.

As for Mane and Firmino, if it was down to me, I’d sign these two up to new deals, but I don’t think we will see any movement here until the Salah situation is clearly sorted out one way or another. Ideally, I would sold these two and keep Salah, but we cannot lose all three of them in the same window. I could see a situation where we sign Mane up to a new deal and let Bobby leave on a free the year after.

The recent transfer chatter that has been coming out seems to be surrounding midfielders which I can completely understand. I do believe we need a couple. Keita and the Ox are on borrowed time now. Especially the Ox. The fact he was subbed in the FA cup and his reaction said it all. He just can’t keep fit long enough to force his way into the team anymore and with his deal also running down in 2023, this summer is the time to move him on. For me, Keita should be used in the deal that we all want: Jude Bellingham. If the rumours are true, his agent is already in talks with a German side over a move in the summer. Now I can’t see this being Bayern so I hope its Dortmund so that hopefully we can sort something out here. With Keita and Ox both potentially being on the move, let’s look at what’s happening with Milner. His contract expires this summer. Talks are ongoing over a new deal, but these seem to have gone quiet, so either a deal has already been agreed or we have changed our mind. Hendo isn’t getting any younger either, so I expect we will see his game time gradually reduced while Thiago just can’t keep fit. Now we do have Elliot and Jones who could and will receive more game time, but with the problems I outlined above we do need more. Bellingham would be my number one. The kid from Monaco, Aurélien Tchouaméni, I think he has Chelsea written all over him, I don’t know why and I maybe wrong, it’s just the feeling I have.

To finish off this one, I wanted to touch on the Klopp contract. Now I agree with Dunk if we are successful at the time it is due to expire, I think he will extend. However, if he doesn’t, I liked the reports of Julian Nagelsmann reportedly saying he would prefer us or City as his next club when either Pep or Klopp leave. Of course, I would love Klopp to sign a lifetime deal but if he does go I would go for Nagelsmann. He was one I mentioned on the KopTalk podcast when he was still at Leipzig. I would go for him over our own Pep or Gerrard at the current time. Gerrard will without a doubt manager Liverpool at some point of his career. I just think the next few years maybe a bit too soon and he could become our Lampard.

Once last thing before I go leave you to it. The owners deserve a shout out. It was nice to see them celebrating the Carabao cup win with the team on the pitch. Sanctioning the deal for Diaz could also be the catalyst to power us on to the title. Also, I stand with them on the Salah contract, no one is bigger than the club, we have lost great players, legendary players over the years and we are still going strong. Salah could go down as club legend or he can be remembered as a Suarez or Coutinho. The choice is his.