SportingPedia’s Guide to Betting on the 2019-2020 English Championship


The Premier League might be the highest point of English football, but the English Championship stirs up much excitement and enthusiasm among soccer devotees too. What renders the English Championship one of the most competitive and the most followed competitions on a global scale is that some of the most well-supported and eminent football teams are playing. All of the teams are likely to seek a top-flight success, which promises that punters will remain on the edge of their seats to the last minute.

One of the best ways to ensure that your picks and predictions will be well-grounded is to head over to SportingPedia’s football betting guide. The experts provide gambling enthusiasts with tips and forecasts on a daily basis, thus making it much easier for you to come to grips with wagering on the English Championship. Other than that, punters will find plenty of useful information on various other topics as the website features eight different guide sections.

The Supposed Favourite

The rivalry between the teams will undoubtedly be fierce as each of them wants to get a promotion to the Premier League. As the new season is imminent, many punters are turning their eyes to Leeds United, as for their most part, bookies point them as a clear favorite. The SportingPedia’s soccer tips experts reckon that the team stands a good chance to give its utmost as it has occupied the leading position for quite some time, which turned it into an indisputable winner for many bettors.

Although the team missed its chance to get a promotion automatically by losing the play-off semi-finals against Derby County, the bookies, as well as many gambling aficionados pin their hopes namely on Leeds. According to the experts from SportingPedia, the team is expected to do its best so as to make up for their omission, regardless of the fact that Pontus Jansson has left the team. Luckily, one of Leed’s top goalscorers Kemar Roofe is in good trim, and he can help his team attain its goals.

Although Fulham did not manage to get a promotion during the last season, many bookies and punters turn their eyes to the team as it is expected to have a shot at returning to the top flight. Even though the team did not show that good results in the previous season as it has parted several of its key players, Fulham still lists among the favorites.

According to the mavens at SportingPedia, West Bromwich Albion stands out as one of the teams with the strongest squads in the Championship. Although the team did not show that good results against Aston Villa during the play-off semi-finals, it has firmly held the fourth position for quite some time.

Cardiff City is yet another of the relegated teams. Although it has shown much better results than some of the teams we already mentioned, it remains well behind them when it comes to the value of the odds most of the bookies have come up with.

Tips for Betting on the 2019-2020 English Championship

The Sky Bet Championship is so followed not only because of its entertainment value, but also because of its unpredictable nature, which makes it a well-liked competition for punters and fans alike.

According to the experts from SportingPedia, the league positioning is vital when it comes to making correct predictions about the games. While some teams might crumble at the final stages of the season, which was the case with Leeds, others will give their utmost, especially in the playoff race.

The overall performance of the team should also play a major role in the decision-making. The SportingPedia experts highlight that a team, which has won several games in a row is more likely to show good results in comparison with a squad, which has gone through a difficult patch of recent. That is the reason why the experts recommend investigating the fitness of the team punters are planning to back.

What makes for as precise predictions as possible is checking out the fixtures as well as this is the only way to get a general idea about the shape and the fitness of the team.

Before making your wagers on the English Championship 2019-2020, the experts also admonish to compare the odds the betting sites offer as thus, you might get some extra gains for your money.

How to Bet on the English Championship

According to the betting sites search tool provided by SportingPedia, a well-liked way of wagering on the English Championship is to bet on the teams, which are most likely to get a promotion. As mentioned above, in this years’ edition of the competition most of the bookies give advantage to Leeds, Fulham, Cardiff, and Stoke.

Wagering on the leading goalscorer is yet another extremely popular betting market while making stakes on that competition. Gambling devotees will also have the chance to make their predictions about the highest-scoring team. No matter which option bettors will go for, SportingPedia will undoubtedly help them make informed decisions, thanks to the previews and tips the experts publish on a daily basis.