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Our guide to betting on the 2018-19 English Championship


The English Football Championship is regarded as the football betting market hardest to predict. Indeed, the Championship poses a challenge not only to beginners, but to experienced football punters as well, which is what motivated us to create this thorough betting guide. Hopefully, our guide will help you approach and understand the EFL Championship in a better way.

What is the EFL Championship?

Essentially, the English football is separated in two divisions – the English Football League and the Premier League, with the EFL comprising the second tier of the sport. The EFL is regarded as the most prestigious and the richest non-elite league in Europe. What is more, the EFL is Europe’s medium-level football division with the highest average attendance.

This year’s Sky Bet Championship begins on August 3 and is scheduled to end on May 5, 2019. In the course of 9 months, the 24 teams comprising the EFL are to play against each other twice (home and away), which makes a total of 46 fixtures for each team.

EFL Championship History

Today’s Championship was created in 2004. In its christening season, the EFL Championship announced an attendance of about 9.8 million, which made it the fourth most-watched football Championship in Europe.

The origins of The Championship date back to 1892; back then, the Championship was called the Second Division. The Second Division was re-branded to the First Division in 1992, as a result of the formation of the English Premier League. In 2004, the First Division changed titles again to form the Championship we now know. At present, the Championship is sponsored by Sky Bet.

A total of 55 teams have participated in the EFL Championship since 2004, and 36 of the teams have played in the Premier League for at least one season. Additionally, the only non-English clubs to have participated in the EFL are Swansea City and Cardiff City.

Structure of the EFL Championship

In the EFL Championship, teams are in several categories. First they are ranked by points, with three points being awarded for a win and one for a draw, then by goal difference. Next, all of the 24 teams are ranked by the total number of scored goals and, finally, by head-to-head records for the given season.

When a season finishes, the top three teams are awarded an automatic place in the Premier League. Conversely, the teams on the bottom of the table are relegated to the Football League One.

2018/19 Title Contenders

According to experts, there are several possible title contenders for the 2018/19 season. First in the list of title contenders is Stoke City, which dropped out from the Premier League in the 2017/18 season after a 2-to-1 loss against Crystal Palace. The second title contender is West Brom, whose fate was similar to that of Stoke City.

Apart from the two relegated teams, analysts suggest, Middlesbrough is another likely winner. The team has experienced a significant development under manager Tony Pulis, with new talents being brought to the team. Last, but not least, the trophy can also go to Nottingham Forest, which invested in a top-class Portuguese player and on several other valuable players.

Betting Tips for the 2018/19 Championship

Now that you know the basics of the English Football League, you can proceed to placing bets. In the following lines, we will provide simple and valuable advice to help you win during the 2018/19 Championship when betting on soccer.

Choose popular betting markets

The Championship is among the most watched football championships on the Old Continent, meaning there hardly is an unpopular betting market. Nevertheless, some markets are more popular than others, and this is reflected by the odds.

Instead of choosing an exotic market, where the odds may be higher but the chance to win is slim, we advise you to wager on more popular markets, which yield a smaller, but still a decent profit – and the chance to win is big, too. For example, you can bet on the winner of the Championship, the top scorer, etc.

Watch as many fixtures as possible

You might think the final result is the only thing that matters in a fixture, but that is far from true. First of all, when you watch the games you can make live bets, but, more importantly, you can get an insight of the playing style of a team and also of the individuals who comprise it. Once you see the performance of different teams and players, you will be able to make more accurate predictions.

Trust your judgment

In the end, do not follow the statistics blindly. Of course, they play a crucial role in every sport, but football requires more than following the statistics. In fact, you have to spend time analysing and researching teams and players. Virtually, you have to trust your judgment – statistics will help you, but they can only tell you so much. If you want to improve your intuition, do not forget to watch the fixtures.