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KopTalk is 100% fan-owned and has been completely independent of influence for more than 20 years. The website is run by Liverpool fans, none of which are on a salary or wage. We exist purely from membership and subscription revenues and a little advertising.

You may require a membership or subscription to access some of our content. Our members website is the only place where we post everything. A KopTalk membership is a must for the mature, die-hard Liverpool supporter.

To cut to the chase, we cannot survive without your help, it’s as simple as that. Below are a number of ways that you can support our efforts if you enjoy our content and are willing and able to support us.

If you can’t support us, please note that we still have a non-members news page and we post lots of LFC news on our Facebook and Twitter accounts 🙂


A membership to KopTalk gives you access to our exclusive members-only community. Within that completely ad-free environment, you will discover the latest Liverpool FC news and opinion and can participate in the latest LFC discussions.

A KopTalk membership includes FREE access to DKB.TV worth up to £24-a-year.

Cost: £4.99-a-month or £49.99-a-year

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Dunk Knows Best TV is for those of you who want to support KopTalk.TV, our free YouTube channel. These videos are often more revealing and insightful than those provided to KopTalk.TV as it’s a more secure and private environment than on YouTube.

Cost: £20-a-year or £2-a-month or FREE if you become a KopTalk Member above.

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