Our memberships and subscriptions explained – How you can support us

KopTalk is 100% fan-owned and has been providing Liverpool FC news online for more than 22 years. The website is run by Liverpool fans, none of which are on a salary or wage. We exist purely from membership and subscription revenues, a little advertising and donations.


Liverpool FC

A VIP membership to KopTalk gives you access to our exclusive ad-free VIP Members’ community where you will discover the latest exclusive Liverpool FC news and opinion and can participate in the latest LFC discussions.

A KopTalk VIP membership includes FREE access to our additional videos from KopTalk.TV (a saving of £36-a-year!) which are embedded on the VIP members’ website and all bonus episodes of the KopTalk Podcast (a saving of £36-a-year!)

If you want to access all of our content, additional videos and podcasts, a KopTalk VIP Membership is all that you need. You just need to decide which platform below is best for you. If you’re a KopTalk.TV fan, join via YouTube. If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, join via Facebook. If you don’t really use YouTube or Facebook, join via PayPal. We recommend PayPal unless the other platforms are important to you.

Cost: £4.50-a-month via Facebook. From £4.99-a-month via PayPal or YouTube. Alternatively, you can save by paying £49.99 for a year’s VIP Membership via PayPal.

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If you have any questions or need help, please email support @ koptalk.org and we’ll be more than happy to help. YNWA.