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KopTalk is 100% fan-owned and has been completely independent of influence for more than 22 years. The website is run by Liverpool fans, none of which are on a salary or wage. We exist purely from membership and subscription revenues and a little advertising.



A KopTalk membership gives you access to our additional KopTalk.TV videos. KopTalk.TV is our free YouTube channel but a number of exclusive videos are available to those who support the channel. You can only obtain this membership level directly through KopTalk.TV on YouTube.

Cost: £2.99-a-month via PayPal

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A VIP membership to KopTalk also gives you access to our exclusive ad-free VIP members-only community where you will discover the latest Liverpool FC news and opinion and can participate in the latest LFC discussions.

A KopTalk VIP membership includes FREE access to our additional videos from KopTalk.TV (worth £36-a-year) which are embedded on the VIP members’ website.

If you’re not bothered about commenting on YouTube or participating in member-only chats on YouTube and are happy to watch the extra videos on the VIP members’ website, we recommend joining via PayPal.

If you are a fan of KopTalk.TV and want the YouTube perks, you should become a VIP Member via YouTube instead.

Cost: £4.99-a-month via PayPal or YouTube or £49.99-a-year via PayPal

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A KopTalk Legend membership purchased via KopTalk.TV (YouTube) at £8.99-a-month will give you additional perks such as entry to all of our LFC give-aways and competitions and everything that comes with a VIP membership PLUS a FREE subscription to our extra KopTalk Podcast episodes worth approximately £36-a-year. More perks are available when you join via YouTube.

Existing KopTalk VIP Members who have joined via PayPal can upgrade here.

Cost: £8.99-a-month via YouTube

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