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Liverpool FC News
by KopTalk Team
05:08 PM
PODCAST: Timo Werner's "agreement" with Liverpool FC
by KopTalk Team
02:24 PM
THE ATHLETIC: January transfer tracker: Liverpool turn ...
by KopTalk Team
01:03 PM
GUARDIAN: Solskjær insists Liverpool defeat shows ...
by KopTalk Team
01:00 PM
Timo Werner has agreement to join Liverpool FC - CLAIMS
by KopTalk Team
11:40 AM

Liverpool FC Discussion
Karlheinz Forster
by razor
So, that chant about winning the league...
by Niteowl
Klopp's parallels with Shankly are frightening
by smiling35
Napoli Raid
by razor
Winning the Champ League or winning the EPL undefeated?
by smiling35

General Discussion
Word Association Game?
by awj
04:13 PM
The Harry and Meghan thing??
by robp
03:33 PM
While my guitar gently weeps
by Mars0634
03:02 PM
by tips
03:01 PM
Official Jokes Thread V2.0
by Archie
14/01/20 11:02 PM

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