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Xherdan Shaqiri hits back at Charlie Adam

Xherdan Shaqiri

Xherdan Shaqiri has hit back at his critics and in particular, former Liverpool midfielder and Stoke City team-mate, Charlie Adam.

Adam has taken a few swipes at Shaqiri about what he believes was a lack of commitment last season from the 26-year-old who made a £13.5million switch to Anfield in the summer. Although Adam has referred to Shaqiri as a great player, the general vibe from him is that Shaqiri didn’t put a shift in on a consistent basis and often went hiding.

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Shaqiri insists he’s no bad boy and he’s bemused by Adam’s summer-long campaign digging at him for Stoke’s relegation.

Speaking to The Evening Standard, the Liverpool midfielder said: “It’s not true what they wrote because I’m a totally different type of [person].

“Some ex-football players, or ex-teammates, they spoke to the media and it looks like I am a bad boy or something but I’ve never been a bad boy or had some problems at a club!

“For me, I’m a nice guy who likes to joke, so I think the people who spoke about me were totally wrong.”

Asked about the criticism from Adam, he added: “I think it’s just frustration maybe or jealousy because I had a good move.

“I was surprised that he spoke like this about me but that is sometimes the character of a player.

“I know what he said was totally wrong because at that time I played there – especially when times were hard – I was there and I was scoring a lot of goals.

“I was one of the only ones who helped the team with goals in difficult games and he was that guy who took the red card in [important] league games (against Everton) and missed a penalty (against Brighton).

“I don’t have to prove Charlie Adam or some people that are speaking about me wrong.

“I’m just a player who wants to work and who does my job every day, the same as I always did.

“I know that people know how good I am – most of the people that understand football know that they are wrong.”