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Rafael van der Vaart

Former Tottenham Hotspur and Netherland midfielder Rafael van der Vaart believes Virgil van Dijk has to be worth more than £300million if Harry Maguire’s valuation is anything to go by.

The 26-year-old Maguire made the switch to Manchester United from Leicester City for £80million during the summer, a deal which surpassed Van Dijk’s £76m fee when he moved to Liverpool from Southampton in 2018. The duo were in action during yesterday’s 1-1 Premier League draw at Old Trafford and Van der Vaart has spoken out to criticise Maguire’s valuation.

VDV said: “He (Maguire) can do something, but if he is worth so much money, Virgil van Dijk is worth £300m.

“When I watch an amateur game on a Sunday, I find three players playing like him. I mean that seriously.

“It may sound silly, but he will not hear it anyway.

“It’s funny because during the Nations League, I was doing work for Dutch television and I remember we were saying ‘Harry Maguire was by far the worst player on the pitch’. And then, two months later, £80m!”

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Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho was reluctant to call Van Dijk the best centre-back in the world during coverage of yesterday’s game. Despite admitting he’s a great defender, the former Manchester United boss says it would be disrespectful to other players to deem him the best.

“That would be unfair to some fantastic central defenders, but in English football for sure, he has everything,” said Mourinho. “It’s almost impossible to find a weakness in his game.”

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness, however, wasn’t concerned about upsetting anyone else when he passed comment on the Liverpool defender’s abilities.

“He is the best for me,” said Souness. “He’s faultless – when I watch him, he’s always in control, never extended.

“I’d like to see him get on the ball, get into midfield and make the simpler passes, but he borders on near faultless.

“Apart from the wonderful athleticism, he’s got the brain to sense danger.

“I just see him as an all-round centre-half. He’ll beat you in a race, he’ll beat you in the air. I think he’s just the best out there.”

Can you spot the KopTalk Editor passing on his best wishes to Rafael van der Vaart in the picture above which was taken at Anfield a few years ago? 😂