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Van Dijk Would Give Up Praise for a Champions League Win

Virgil van Dijk

PFA Player of the Year Virgil Van Dijk thinks that Liverpool are the perfect team for him right now, but he would give up all his praise and accolades just to ensure that Liverpool win against Tottenham, FreeTips.com reports.

Van Dijk has settled into his new club since he made the move back in January 2018 from Southampton and his been an impressive signing for Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp. His performances have been incredible at the club that he says breaths success at every stage and to win the Champions league would cap it all off if they win on Saturday.

A final push is what they need to get them through this final game of the season, but Van Dijk says that hard work is what has got them to this stage and he can’t believe his only game left to play this season is the Champions League Final.

The game this Saturday will be the fiftieth game that Van Dijk has played in for Liverpool this season, having played in all thirty-eight league games and he puts this down to having a positive mindset that has meant he hasn’t let injury mar his playing performance despite getting a few knocks.

Van Dijk said: “Obviously I had moments where I was struggling during the week, but I think at the end of the day what makes me keep going is when that whistle goes at the weekend, I need to be there.

“I made sure I did the right things around it, make sure I eat good, get treatment, recover well. It’s not easy, but we did it so far, and we have one more push left.”

He thinks that the squad consists of a great group of players. It features a number of international captains, which could be seen as intimidating, but they always tell each other whatever needs to be said and they drive each other to be the best that they could be, and for this reason he hopes that they can remain together for at least the next four or five seasons.

The squad has a fantastic mix of players, from youngsters at the start of their career, through to seasoned veterans who bring a huge wealth of experience to the squad. This means the balance of players is just right. The squad also has a number of players that are in what is considered to be their ‘golden age’ of around 27 or 28.

The true spirit of Liverpool is what has got them to this stage and it certainly hasn’t been easy, where they struggled with a number of the away games in the group stages particularly in Naples. While being solid on home ground, they have been a whole lot more dominant when it got to the knockout stages.

The semi-final saw them really struggle in the away game, losing 3-0 to Barcelona, to make it look likely they would leave the competition. However a stunning 4-0 home victory saw them overcome the deficit to reach the final and now they just have Tottenham to beat to be victorious.