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Throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark delivering improvements

Andy Robertson

Andy Roberston says the club’s appointment of a part-time throw-in coach is already making a difference in the squad.

The Liverpool defender says he’s already been able to increase his throw-in distance by 6 metres thanks to specialist coaching by Thomas Gronnemark.

Although the appointment has been mocked by some in the game, notably the likes of Andy Grey and Richard Keys, Robertson insists the move was a wise one.

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The Scotsman said: “The first day he came in the gaffer pulled me to one side and said: ‘You’re definitely going with him!’ so I knew that mine had to improve!

“It’s only full-backs that he takes. I think we’ve all bought into it, we’re all improving and we’re all a lot more accurate.

“Sometimes you see a wee bit longer throw. I think it’s a positive thing that’s definitely worked for us.

“We all got measured [on how far we could throw] and I think I was one of the worst. From the day he came in until now I think I’ve gained about 6 metres in difference … I would say it’s now 26 metres.

“It makes these small differences that I can now throw it 6 metres further up the line or further across to the centre-back or whatever.

“I’m happy with it and all the other full-backs are happy with it so hopefully it can continue.”