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Roy Evans on Liverpool grinding out results

Roy Evans

Former Liverpool boss Roy Evans believes it’s a good thing that Jürgen Klopp’s side are managing to grind out results even though the level of football hasn’t been the most entertaining during the first few weeks of the season.

‘Winning ugly’ is a term that some fans would call it and Uncle Roy thinks such wins will help the Reds with their challenge for the Premier League title in the long run and we have to agree with him.

Evans told the official Liverpool FC website: “So far this season it has been win, win, win – which is brilliant.

“We’re not playing at our very best, Jürgen has admitted that and I agree. We have not been brilliant but we’ve been a lot more compact.

“To win games on the days you don’t play so well, that’s a hint of saying you have a chance to win the Premier League because when we play well, which is most of the time, we win. And if we can add the results of the odd bad day to it, you’re going to be pretty close.

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“Jürgen has tried to keep his team more or less the same. He has been quite critical even when we have won: ‘This wasn’t us at our best, we can get better.’

“The World Cup takes a little bit of the legs out of some of your players but they’ll start to come into consideration and give us more on the day.

“But as starts go, you can’t ask for anything more and I do think we can get better. I think we’ll be up there with always two, three or four teams that have got a chance of winning it.

“Hopefully this is our year because I’ve waited long enough! We didn’t win the Premier League in my time or anybody’s time, unfortunately, so I’d like to see us win it.”

Evans also commented on the depth of the Liverpool manager’s squad.

“It’s competition for places,” he added. “You don’t give players a place in your team just because they’re part of your squad.

“Sometimes you have to say: ‘You have to show me in training sessions that you’re better than what’s in the team at the moment.’ If we get that right it can only make us better and Jürgen is on top of that.”