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Robertson insists Reds remain confident despite European defeat

Andy Robertson

Andy Roberton says the troops remain confident that they can step up their game in the Champions League and continue to progress.

The inquest rumbles on following Liverpool’s poor 2-0 defeat away to Red Star Belgrade, a result which has thrown the group wide open. Robertson, however, insists the Reds can do much better providing everyone comes together.

Robertson said: “It’s a tight group and it’ll go right to the wire.

“We’re still confident we’ll get through but we need to prove that now.

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“We believe we can win every game, that’s always been the case with us.

“Away from home last season we were very good in the Champions League. This season we’ve found that a bit difficult.

“Arguably we’re still to play the best team away and we need to put in a much better performance than we have done so far.

“You don’t forget about these results quickly.

“The gaffer, win or lose, always speaks more the day after because that’s when he can clear his head and that’s where he gets the best out of us.”

He added: “We need to come together as a team and try to give what the gaffer wants, try to get the spark and try to win games more comfortably.”