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Robbie Fowler says he doesn’t want to see Steven Gerrard as manager of Liverpool Football Club for some time. That’s because the Liverpool legend is hoping that present boss Jürgen Klopp stays at the club for the foreseeable future.

Although most fans will hope to see Gerrard bossing the Reds one day, few will disagree with Fowler’s comments as it’ll be a sad day when Klopp finally chooses to move on.

Fowler, who is currently manager of Australian outfit Brisbane Roar, is hoping that Klopp stays where he is and that Gerrard continues to gain experience north of the border with Rangers.

God told talkSPORT: “Will he want to leave and go back to the Premier League? No doubt about it and in the future he probably will do.

“He’s the name on everybody’s lips should Liverpool be looking for a new manager, but as far as I’m concerned I don’t want them to be looking for a new manager.

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“I want Jürgen to stay for a long time because if he stays for a long time it means Liverpool as a club are successful.

“So all the talk about should Steven be there, of course he’ll be the name on everyone’s lips, but I hope it’s not for a long time.

“You’ve got to give Jürgen so much credit, Liverpool are just brilliant. He’s got them fit and on fire, they just look an incredible team.

“And people are saying they’re watching great performances, but Liverpool haven’t really reached the heights of what they can do – it’s a scary thought.”