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Reasons why Liverpool could win the Premier League this season

If we can draw anything out of watching the first few games in the Premier League, it’s that the Reds have made a pretty fantastic start to the season. Jurgen Klopp’s squad is looking sharp and going strong. It would appear that Manchester City finally have some real competition for the title challenge this year, but why is that?


How Long has It Been for the Reds?

It has been 28 long and very painful years for every Liverpool fan in the world since their last Premier League title back in 1990. But hopes have begun to rise again as over the last two seasons the Reds seemed to have regained good consistent form and better team composure. It is probably too much to expect  another 44 goals from Salah this season, but confidence within the whole team is improving and there is no doubt that they are all giving their absolute best to win the title and achieve what has only been a dream for so long now.

The game against City was somewhat uninspiring with no shots at target in the first 62 minutes by either one of the sides. The no score draw was almost inevitable but on the positive side the Reds managed to stick to their game and not let City take over control. They also managed to avoid conceding a last minute goal which is something of a weakness for the Reds. Currently with no major flight risks, serious injuries or tension behind the scenes in the Liverpool camp things are looking stable and settled which can only add to their chances of continued success.

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Klopp Knows What He’s Doing

Klopp is well aware that winning the Premier League is not an easy task and that it is early days in the season. He has made it clear not to get carried away with expectations. The game of football can be unpredictable and even though the gaffer has made significant progress with the team in the last two years by reaching three finals, Liverpool lost in all of those matches. The silverware was still just out of reach and with no new trophy in the cabinet yet,  maybe that’s the reason Klopp remains cautious.

Because of their current form in big finals and the three losses the Reds are being referred as the “nearly men”,  this is the year they have to prove everyone wrong. Klopp encourages a powerful and strong style of play between his players and following several new signings over the summer he definitely has the squad ready to push further. Another positive is that the core of Liverpool’s team is young,  aged between 21 and 28 years old.  In addition, several of the key players have long-term contracts, reducing the likelihood of anyone important leaving Anfield anytime soon. For many experts and pundits it really is only a matter of time until Klopp delivers a trophy for Liverpool.

4 New Transfers

In the world of football today world-class players do not come cheaply. Director, Michael Edwards along with Klopp and his recruitment team had a very expensive summer on the transfer market. Liverpool spent £175 million on four new big signings. Klopp is aware that these new signings carry bigger season expectations, with the added pressure that better performance from the team overall must be achieved. By signing Keita, Fabinho, Allison and Shaqiri, Liverpool was the biggest spending club this summer in the Premier League.

Keita and Fabinho once settled should improve the dynamics and bring a more stable midfield play, and therefore ease the game for the strikers. Alisson Becker on the other hand, is expected to have finally resolved the issue of the need for a consistent and reliable goal stopper.

Strong and Reliable Bench

Aside from the key first team players, another reason why Liverpool have the chance to win the Premier League’s is because of the depth of their squad. Basically their bench is as talented as the regular starting XI many of whom would regularly make the first team for a number of other clubs in the Premier League.

Daniel Sturridge’s recent return to form has made him a strong contender to play up front  once again, Joel Matip is now recovered from a thigh injury which ruled him out for the end of last season and he is fighting to get his place back in the defence line up. With Adam Lallana looking good to return after a series of injuries he provides another option to change up the dynamics of Liverpool’s midfield.

With so many possibilities open to him, these are the kind of headaches that every football manager, including Klopp is happy to have. The huge array of talent means in addition it is much easier for squad rotation therefore limiting the chances of players getting overly tired and losing performance ability.