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Real Madrid to target Liverpool ace Mohamed Salah – CLAIMS

Mohamed Salah

Now before you start CAPS-LOCK’ing us to death, we’re responding to today’s claims. The grown-ups get it, but the snowflakes often don’t, so hear us out before you start flapping and behaving like 5-year-olds 

According to reports originating from both Italy and Spain, Real Madrid have responded to Barcelona’s capture of Philippe Coutinho by apparently declaring their intentions to launch a transfer offensive for Mohamed Salah. Basically, they want to show their supporters that they too can sign the best players out there and due to his current form, Mo Salah is an obvious candidate. Common sense, right?

But are the reports genuine? Are Real Madrid interested in Liverpool’s star man? The obvious answer is yes, of course they are. What football club wouldn’t be? But have they made any preliminary moves to try and make that happen? As yet, we dunno.

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Today’s reports sound like idle speculation and a bit of common sense thrown in, but the fact that former president of Zamalek Sporting Club, Mamdouh Abbas, a close friend of Salah’s along with Egypt boss Hector Cuper, have both commented about a potential future move to La Liga with Real Madrid mooted as a possible suitor, well that’s enough for us to not rule out suggestions that it could be a future plan for the Salah camp.

Having only recently signed Salah and having just parted with Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona, Liverpool will obviously do everything they can to prevent it from happening. The reality is though, if Real Madrid make him their primary target and Salah expresses his desire to secure a move to them, then it will happen at some point. Obvs.

Supporters are often blind to reality and tend to be extremely naive when it comes to the players they worship. When Luis Suarez signed a new contract with Liverpool following Arsenal’s interest, we controversially declared the very same day that he would subsequently leave the club in no time, as all that paperwork did was clear up a situation regarding the exit clauses for both the player and the club. When Coutinho failed to secure his summer move to Barcelona last year, we told you not to rule out a January exit despite all the guff about ‘Liverpool wouldn’t sell mid-season’ and that ‘Barcelona wouldn’t try to sign him because he couldn’t play in the Champions League’. What a load of rubbish. Money talks, end of. Always has, always will. There was no way that the club was going to reject that money from Barcelona. They also had no choice on each occasion as both Suarez and Coutinho wanted out.

So what do we currently think? Well, we would advise you don’t pay too much attention to today’s reports but we would strongly advise you monitor the ones that will crop up later in the year. We’re not alarmed at all but it’s common sense that the best players want to play for the best clubs. Can Liverpool become one of the ‘best’? Over the next year or two, possibly not. But even if we were winning major titles year in, year out, it sounds to us that Salah, who turns 26 this summer, has aspirations of playing in Spain just like Coutinho did. Even if the Brazilian had been at title-winning Chelsea or Manchester City, he’d still have completed a transfer to Barcelona because that was his dream. What are Salah’s dreams? Who knows but more importantly, what does his agent Ramy Abbas dream of at night?

Sources close to the player, in a club/working capacity only, state that he’s very happy at Anfield. We believe that too. Let’s hope it stays that way and let’s hope those who are close to him, don’t get in his head.

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