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PODCAST: Nabil Fekir Suspense!

The KopTalk podcast has been updated with a new free episode!

DURATION: 45 minutes



1) Visit www.koptalkpodcast.com and play in your browser.

2) Search iTunes for ‘koptalk’. Once subscribed, if you do not see today’s episode yet, open our podcast page and select the cog far right for settings and then refresh. iTunes is available for Mac OS and Windows.

3) Search the Pocket Casts app (£) for ‘koptalk’. Available for Android, iPhone, web browser.

4) Search the Podcast Republic app (free) for ‘koptalk’. Available for Android.

5) Search the Overcast app (free) for ‘koptalk’. Available for iPhone and iPad.


Email your LFC opinions and questions to podcast @ koptalk.com. All sensible emails will be read out in next Monday’s episode so make sure you send us your views of any of the action or talking points from the forthcoming weekend.


Additional KopTalk Extra Time episodes are available to those who support the free KopTalk podcast by buying the KopTalk editor a pint! Full details at www.koptalkpodcast.com

Free episodes are usually recorded on Mondays. Extra Time episodes are usually recorded on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

i.e. 1 free episode is made available every week with up to 4 additional episodes being made available for people who support the KopTalk podcast.


The KopTalk podcast is rated 18+ and is not for the easily offended.