Opposition Opinion: Liverpool vs Tottenham

Liverpool v Tottenham

Dan Tracey, who contributes to Tottenham blog spursforlife.com, gives his thoughts on this weekend’s clash between Liverpool v Spurs, from a Lilywhites perspective.

With the final international hiatus of the season now behind us, it means we can now all look ahead to the ‘business end’ of this Premier League campaign – one that both Liverpool and Tottenham still have a lot to play for.

Admittedly the prizes that we are aiming to win are now a lot different and were it not for our indifferent form in the past month or so, then the stakes for this upcoming Anfield clash could have been a lot higher.

As we all know, the race for the title is one comprising two horses instead of three and although you’ll be confident of picking up a win that sees more pressure applied on the shoulders of Manchester City, you should not be too quick to right us off either.

Quite simply for any team that is in the battle to finish in the top four, it is almost as if the season starts now. It’s not a case of what you’ve done in the first thirty fixtures, but more importantly what you can do in the last eight.

For all intents and purposes, we now find ourselves in a mini-league of sorts and we know that just like yourselves, that there is no longer any margin for error if our respective end of season objectives are to be achieved.

Every game between now and May 12th is simply a must win and that means that something will have to give come Sunday. Although we won’t go into this Merseyside meeting as favourites, I’ve reason to be confident also.

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That’s because the international break would have given us the perfect opportunity to regroup and take stock of what has happened in these past few weeks, it’s almost the perfect time to hit the reset button and plan ahead for the all-important league fixtures that await.

Not only that but we’ll go into this game as the underdog of sorts, a role that arguably suits us more and if Pep Guardiola’s men get a win at Fulham a day earlier as expected, then it really is a case of over to you Liverpool.

The see saw nature of your title tilt with City means continual questions are being asked of yourselves and although you cleared the hurdle that Burnley placed in your way, it is fair to say that we’ll be a tougher nut to crack.

Not only that, but we’ll be out to exact some revenge for the defeat you dealt us at Wembley last September and of course who can forget that sensational 2-2 draw between us at Anfield just over 12 months ago, one that could really have gone either way.

On our day we are more than capable of turning in big game performances, we’ve not reached the Quarter-finals of this season Champions League by accident and we’d love nothing more than to claim a domestic scalp as well.

There seems to be something of a new found rivalry between the two outfits, not quite as much as needle as Liverpool vs Everton or Tottenham vs Arsenal, but one that is certainly bubbling up all the same.

In fairness it would be nice if a team that wasn’t Manchester City went on to lift the Premier League trophy but with that said you’ll have to look for favours elsewhere, as we simply cannot afford anymore generosity. Bring on Sunday and may the best team win. Come on you Spurs!