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Liverpool FC Injury News: Naby Keïta – LATEST

Naby Keita

Later today, Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp will hold his pre-match press conference and he will, of course, give an update on Naby Keïta’s status following that scare in midweek.

The Liverpool midfielder was discharged from hospital in Italy and returned to Merseyside in a private jet yesterday afternoon after doctors gave him the all clear. There had been suggestions of a heart problem but this has been denied.

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Ciro Mauro, of the cardiology unit at Antonio Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, told Radio Marte that the tests he underwent were merely precautionary.

He said: “He didn’t have a cardiological problem, it was a strong back trauma.

“He had an MRI and CAT scan to rule out any problems to his spine. It is not related to a cardiovascular problem.

“The player was serene when he left and the Naples doctors have given him a good bill of health.”